Five Key Digital Marketing Trends for New Year
Five Key Digital Marketing Trends for New Year

What are the latest digital marketing trends as we approach the new year of 2020. Here are 5 key digital marketing trends that should be observed this year.

1. Social Influencer Marketing

The past two years saw the rise of social media celebs with millions or hundreds of followers. With the coming year the trend is likely to shift with companies turning to lesser known people with a much smaller followers but a strong presence in their niche areas. This is to reach out to a much more targeted audience with a trusted voice.

2. Video Ad Streaming

Video saw a wider acceptance as a marketing tool for companies using internet marketing in UAE. Budgets marked for online marketing in UAE increased by 25%

Consumers viewing pattern have undergone a sea change. Live videos on Facebook and Instagram is watched three times more than videos that aren’t live. In 2020 the streaming and live video ads will be highly likely to be taken more serious.

3. Interactive Content always pays dividends

More and more users are interested in more interactive content online. The new year will find, content marketing shifting its focus on more what audiences want. The viewer’s prefer sharable, engaging content that cut through the clutter. Shoppable links, 360 degree video is just some of it. 

4. Social Media Marketing 

There are new avenues for social media marketing opening up. It is no more confined to Facebook and Instagram alone. TikTok is a new outlet for users to make authentic and unpolished videos. The benefits of social media marketing include 

5. Content Experiences will Matter

Content experiences are the rightful fusion of content and context. This is important because each piece of content delivers an experience- good or bad- through style, layout, colour placement, environment and more. Content experience is all about communicating to the user while engaging with content.   

So in total the digital marketing is about thinking holistically keeping in mind the newer ways of catching the attention of the user.