How to Build an Effective Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign
How to Build an Effective Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign

An integrated digital marketing solution campaign blend multiple channels like content, email, display advertising and social media so as to promote a uniform message to a specific audience. The main objective of most integrated campaigns is to turn viewers into customers. Every industry is different and integrated campaigns might include a sales plan. An integrated campaign can be more effective than using a single advertising channel to a selected audience. 

Here are five key steps to help digital marketers build an effective integrated digital marketing campaign.

Step 1 - Recognise the Important Digital Channels to Convert 

Before creating an integrated digital marketing plan make sure that you understand which channels drive performance and business impact. Make use of technology and cross-channel attribution modeling to also help recognize where, how and when different channels influence each other.

Step 2 - Know Your Target Audience

Knowing your audience means transcribing varying sets of first and third-party data into a simple format. Leveraging both past and real-time data allows digital marketers to plan in advance what types of digital content will perform best.

Step 3 - Assemble your content and digital strategy in consonance with the digital strategy

Assemble an integrated digital marketing plan that takes into account the designing, repurposing, augment and syndication of content that will work across all the digital channel and help with Search Engine Optimization in Dubai. The most triumphant cross-channel digital marketing campaigns deliver content and message through diverse channels like Organic Search, Search Engine Marketing, E-mail marketing, social media marketing in Dubai, Video, Events, Websites, Blogs, e-books etc.

Moreover it is also important to integrate on and offline campaigns to amplify reach and impact across PR, TV and radio, print. Gradual scaling can be built when digital and traditional advertising in harmony.   

Step 4 - Structure and Co-Ordinate Your Digital Marketing Team

Ascertain that your internal departments and digital talent are coordinated and synchronized to work in unison. For example, hybrid digital marketers are vital to digital success, as they have the skill that promote cross-channel cooperation and boost business impact.     

Step 5 - Achieve, optimize and Evaluate Success

This is the best time for digital marketers to take advantage of technology, analytical integrations and data to help evaluate the value of digital marketing. Evaluating content marketers to create good content and substantiate future investment in content and digital marketing.