How to Create an Effective Digital Marketing on a Budget?
How to Create an Effective Digital Marketing on a Budget?

With the world moving online, digital marketing taken the lion’s share of our marketing efforts. Email, social media, content marketing, and search engine optimization- all are a necessity for business success in 2021. Digital marketing is very complex and requires carefully planned strategies.

As consumers expect to reach out to their brands through all the preferred channels, online marketers in Dubai faces a major challenge of stretching out their marketing budget to accommodate all channels and strategies.

So how do you create an effective digital marketing strategy on a budget?

Specify Your Marketing Objectives

The first step of planning out an effective strategy is to be very clear on what you want to achieve for the upcoming quarter or year. This allows you to prioritize on the tasks which are most important.

For instance, if you wanted to grow your website and create more leads from it, then you should be focusing on producing more high-quality content, utilizing conversion optimization to boost conversions and put in more effort for better search engine optimization UAE market to boost targeted traffic and any other strategies that boost targeted traffic.

Review Your Past Results

Once you have set your mind in achieving the goals, you should review your past results to make an informed strategy and budget. Find answers to,

1.      Which channels and tactics performed best in the past, as well as what hasn’t worked as you’d wanted it to.

2.      Which channels brought in the most (targeted) traffic?

3.      Which ads generated the most leads?

The channels that bring in best results consistently, are the channels that you should continue to invest in and may increase spending. The channels that are simply not producing results should be removed from your updated strategy or reduce spending.

While reviewing your past performance, keep in mind the goals you have set for the year so that you will know the tactics most suitable for you to achieve those goals.

Evaluating Your Alternatives

SEO and content marketing takes up most of the digital marketing strategies. That said, there are also other marketing strategies that should be put in place including business blogging, video marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, marketing automation, conversion optimization and the like.

While considering all these options and allocating budget towards it, the crucial factor is to consider your marketing goals and overall business objectives as well as previous results for each of these tactics.

Budget Allocation

The ideal budget that should be allocated for your marketing efforts should be somewhere between 9-10% and can be extended upto 15%. While micro allocating the budget for each tactic, it is best to allocate more to tactics that have brought in more success in the past and that still aligns with your current goals.


There is no one size fits all solution that works for everyone. Each business and each industry is different and recommendations vary accordingly. A good SEO Consultant in Dubai experienced in the tools and tactics will be the ideal friend for you in such scenarios.