Difference between SEO & Digital Marketing
Difference between SEO & Digital Marketing

Many consider Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Digital Marketing to be equivalent. In any case, they have two separate definitions and are completely independent. There are numerous manners by which SEO and digital marketing capacity comparably and today they work couple. An SEO Company Dubai is employed to enhance a site so its situation in web index results is improved. Web optimization is really a subset of advanced showcasing and there are numerous who might characterize an SEO expert as one who coordinates digital marketing and SEO best practices to accomplish their objectives.  The objective of SEO aka Search Engine Optimisation Dubai is to expand the number of natural visits (not paid) from web search tools like Google since natural traffic is a vital wellspring of guests and possible clients. Most of us quite confused with keywords and the majority of us are unaware of what is keywords, suppose if you want to find an Internet Marketing Company in Dubai, You definitely search as ” Internet Marketing Dubai this particular word that you search on the search engine is considered as keywords.


Search Engine Optimization basically categorized into On-Page Optimisation and Off-Page Optimisation

 On-Page Optimisation Include

  • Quality and genuine content,
  • Internal Links structure,
  • External Links structure,
  • Site performance,
  • Keyword Density,
  • Relevant Titles & Meta Descriptions,
  • Images optimization,
  • Canonical URL’s,
  • Roborts.txt and Sitemap.xml
  • Off page Optimisation includes
  • Social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.),
  • Blog posting, Articles, Guest post,
  • Backlinks Management


Digital Marketing Trends


Trends are inclining more toward fusing advanced showcasing methods with SEO systems. The patterns demonstrate that the two are coordinating to an ever-increasing extent. In the past, it was believed that SEO was sufficient however as online media proceeded to extend, and cell phone and tablet utilize detonated on the scene it takes something other than SEO techniques to arrive at the purchaser market. To make a compelling the web presence and arrive at your expected client's before any of your different rivals you should fuse computerized advertising with SEO methodologies. Website optimization isn't dead, and it's not going anyplace at any point in the near future. The distinction in the environment of the present market is that you must go past SEO and incorporate numerous advanced promoting methods. Search engine optimization is tied in with making excellent sites that are outfitted to the client.

Digital Marketing Includes

  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing),
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization),
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing),
  • Content marketing like blogging, articles or video creation,
  • Email marketing,
  • Online PPC advertising (Pay-per-click),
  • Mobile Marketing (ads targeting mobile devices) and Affiliate marketing

Nowadays, we couldn’t avoid Digital Marketing and SEO. Many Integrated Digital Marketing solutions are available there to improve the sales of your product or services.