3 Things Every Digital Marketing Beginners Should Keep in Mind
3 Things Every Digital Marketing Beginners Should Keep in Mind

Digital marketing rookies often start their job with the notion that the most impressive skill they can have is their ability to build connections with people. Though this is somewhat true to an extent, online marketing in UAE demands a few other skills primarily. In UAE, many marketers often make the mistake of trying to reach and connect with everyone as a first step.

Instead of trying to build relationships with people right from the get-go, it’s better to collect information first. 

Let’s get into the details. Here are 3 tactics that every digital marketing beginners should keep in mind. 

Start with research on customers

When tasked with devising a strategy to get new leads, many marketers often prioritize cultivating new prospects and building relationships. On the contrary, the secret to getting more leads and increasing sales lies with existing customers; not new ones. 

Only a few leading marketing agencies in the Internet Marketing, UAE industry are willing to invest in thoroughly researching the target audience of their client’s business before devising a strategy. That’s what marketing amateurs should prioritize as well. Step 1 is identifying the target customers and then collecting information on existing customers. This would be helpful in developing an ideal customer persona for easier targeting.

Invest in valuable, good quality content

Once the marketer is aware of the common purchase traits of existing customers and what they find appealing, he/she can invest in developing good quality content that the customer would like. Marketers may not always be able to get it right in the beginning. 

Good quality content gives a good image of the business to the target customers while also providing them with value in the form of information or offers. If the prospects appreciate the value in a content, they would be willing to give the business a shot and proceed deeper into the sales funnel. 

Ensure good Search Engine & Social Media presence

For the right kind of content to be visible to the right audience, the marketer should ensure the brand’s presence across prominent digital channels including social networking sites and search engines. This is why every business operating online should register themselves across popular social networking sites. 

More than 75% of the internet users in the world rely on search engines to get information on something. Adopting best SEO practices would help businesses appear higher on search engine result pages when their target customers search with certain specific keywords. Search engine optimization in Dubai is a rapidly growing industry with experienced firms that can help businesses in the Middle East become more visible to their online customers. 


Marketers new to the field should be aware of so much more. But the tactics mentioned in this article can give them a good start on their fresh marketing career. The secret is in understanding customers and what they would want from a business. Then it’s all about letting them know that there is a business out there that can give them what they want at a much better deal than others. Information is the key to successful digital marketing.