2019’s Most Worthy Digital Marketing Strategies
2019’s Most Worthy Digital Marketing Strategies

As innovations and technological advancements open up new opportunities for digital marketers, the challenges of devising the right digital marketing strategy also increase in numbers. Experienced firms providing integrated digital marketing solutions have already realized the importance of investing in mastering the latest trends to formulate innovative strategies that can successfully engage target audiences. 

In this blog, we will be looking at a few of the most unique digital marketing strategies that turned a lot of heads this year.

VR and AR

Businesses today have a deeper focus on improving customer experience. Customers mostly use their mobile devices to interact with businesses via apps. And so businesses leverage mobile cameras to improve their experience. While the trend started gaining momentum, VR and AR went mainstream which culminated in a different kind of trend that subsequently forced digital marketers to rethink their marketing strategies.

Very soon, businesses started improving brand engagement through VR and AR. Marketers leverage these technologies to help customers with their pre-purchase decisions, giving them a ‘virtual’ taste of the products they are interested in.

A great example would be Amazon’s recent marketing strategy – Setting up Oculus Rift VR booths around Prime Day. Amazon users virtually experienced a wide array of products as they would in physical reality. Marketers can use VR and AR to supply potential customers with every pre-purchase information they require to proceed with the purchase while also giving them an immersive experience they won’t forget.


Many specialists in the internet marketing UAE industry already invested in AI to not only improve customer interactions but also to make data-driven marketing insights. 

In addition to using AI-powered chatbots to help customers solve issues and make purchases without hassle, AI is also leveraged by marketers for analytics which in turn help them tweak their marketing strategies for better results. 

Visual Search

Text-only search is slowly becoming outdated as visual & voice search take over. Visual search is where people use images to find information instead of the other way around. Savvy marketers can tailor content that await potential customers performing visual searches. Many experts in the SEO Dubai sector have also started recommending websites to prepare for the time when visual search becomes a big deal. 


These strategies would eventually make a big impact both in reaching customers & improving their experiences and in shaping a brand’s identity in the digital realm. This is the time to jump on the new digital marketing bandwagon.