Marketing Trends for the Post Pandemic World.
Marketing Trends for the Post Pandemic World.

Internet marketing in UAE 
is the first to be impacted in the marketing world with the evolving technology and it can be hard to keep in check the various trends of the industry. It has proven its worth with incomparable resilience after the onset of the pandemic despite that over a fourth of marketers are spending a whopping ninety percent of their budget on digital marketing.

In this crowded field, it is important to keep ahead of the trends if you don’t want to lose out. Here are some of the latest trends in digital marketing.

1.    Adjacent Search


No one can doubt the importance of SEO in digital marketing, but are brands really dealing with the issue? For a majority of SEO companies in Dubai, SEO means high ranking on the search engine page results. Even if that is true, it neglects subtle undertones of how customers search online.


As per research done by search specialists, around 80% of consumers conduct a detail online research about the company they intend to do business with before reaching out to them. Hence it is important to take into consideration as many searches as possible surrounding your primary business.


Concentrating too much will lead to losing out on customers who are searching terms similar but not exactly the same as your own. Companies are roping in experts to add or expand their search profile, and that trend is likely to persist in the future.


2.    Smart Bidding


Automated bidding on Google Ads has existed for a long time and it is easy to figure out why: input specification like price and volume and the rest is taken care of. Over the past few years, a new kind of bidding has emerged that many
search engine marketing in Dubai has likely struck out: Smart Bidding. It has been afflicted by several challenges, such as lowest budgetary control and decreased audience targeting.


As Google refines the algorithm behind Smart Bidding, it is highly likely to become a common choice for digital marketers from now on. Rather than carefully curating every single ad, you can let Google’s leading AI do all the leg work for you.


3.    Chatbots

A large number of marketers concede that the chatbot has taken over and they are rightful in thinking so. Although companies has been massively keen on adapting chatbot, consumers are not equally enthusiastic about it.


It may be a while for the consumers to get used to chatbots especially first and second generation ones. Conversation can sound clumsy and less useful than those with a real human. But it is about to change, chatbots have finally reached a level of conversational competency which will likely make them more widely accepted.


4.    Content on Video Format

Good quality content has been the core of any good digital marketing strategy for many years now, but the format of content is fast evolving. The big news for marketers is that there is a penchant for nearly all types of video content: short form, long form, animated, live action, comedy, informative and many more. The way to success is create content around the idea that truthfully reflects the brand, and there is a gallery for it.


Let’s admit that for several years it has been the best of times for the digital marketer. The industry is fast evolving, and gets more efficient with each and every development. Those who succeed are the ones that stay ahead of the curve, looking out for trends and fast adapting them.