Common Mistakes Content Writers for Marketing Need To Avoid
Common Mistakes Content Writers for Marketing Need To Avoid

Content marketing is how many modern businesses quickly boost brand awareness. But not all of them succeed in this venture. In the digital marketing realm, content has always been the king. Almost every leading firm offering integrated digital marketing solutions recommend leveraging fresh, relevant content to aid SEO efforts and improve overall brand awareness. 

With this being the case, the role of a content writer in an organization is bigger than what’s popularly presumed. The writing has to be done so the content would be a compelling read and would move the audience. But this won’t be possible if the writing is full of errors. The errors also harm the brand’s credibility. Experts in the search engine optimization Dubai recommends auditing every single page of a website to make sure that there are no irrelevant or poorly written content that can negatively impact SEO and brand reputation. 

That said, let’s take a look at a few mistakes that content writers should avoid. 

Unwise use of words

The general rule of thumb when writing content for online marketing is to write content that won’t stir up controversy. Writers need to be perceptive and wise when tailoring content that’s publicly viewed. They need to be aware of the nuances and undertones of every single word or a caption as a whole. The wrong words can irreversibly damage the brand’s reputation.

Long, braggy content 

Almost every business tailor their content for Millennials. And Millennials have a short attention span. Many surveys have found that most visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds actively reading websites. So long-form content won’t work when you are trying to convey a message. The key is to keep the content short, crisp, and relevant. 

Expert writers use bold text to highlight important bits in a content so that readers would get the gist of the message simply by going through every highlighted bit on the page. 

Jargons to appear smart

Using tech terms and jargons to appear like an expert on a subject is a deceptive tactic that doesn’t always work, and might even backfire. The fact of the matter is that jargons can potentially confuse and subsequently deter visitors. A vast majority of readers expect simple, comprehensive content with the information they seek. Content writing should always be about the audience.   

Ignoring SEO

Many writers ignore SEO in their content while pursuing creative, engaging content. This is a bad move. The right approach is to find a balance between keeping the content engaging while ticking all the technical checkboxes. Any leading SEO Consultant in Dubai recommends tailoring content optimized for search engines. 


There are but a few common mistakes that even professional writers may make. There are writers who simply don’t bother proofreading what they’ve written. A great content is something that encourages readers to act, and is not measured by the skills of the writer alone. There is no way to know how readers will react to certain style of writing. But this doesn’t mean it’s not important to avoid these common mistakes.