How to know if an Online Marketing Expert is Worth Your Trust
How to know if an Online Marketing Expert is Worth Your Trust

Internet is filled with many resources, ranging from fraudsters who claim to have expert advice with credible data to authentic ones offering credible advice. With entrepreneurs and businesses turning to the internet to seek expert advice for different aspects of their business such as digital marketing for their Dubai branches, it can be challenging and confusing.

Here are a few ways to know if an online marketing expert is credible or not.

1. Quality Matters

Always remember that number of years spend in the industry doesn’t always equate to skill. Many have managed to stay afloat by selling quality marketing services and recycled advice. You will have to dig deeper into the company’s portfolio to accurately assess online marketing expertise.

2. Reviews and References 

While delving deep into the company’s history check for reviews. For starters reach out to the customers listed on the company’s website to learn more about the quality of work. These will render a clear picture about their capacities and capabilities and the quality of the end result.   

Also try to find other clients to sense a result pattern be it social media marketing for the Dubai region, email marketing, SEO services etc. The more clients you can check with the better.

3. Hear the Thoughts

Another key aspect that should be examined is the quality of the message that they deliver. Look for the content they publish in the form of blogs, presentations, podcast, videos etc. if you have the opportunity to attend a conference or webinar the expert is participating as a speaker, find the time to listen to their message and the crux and quality of it. Ask yourself a few questions.

  • Did you discover something new that you can put in to practice immediately? Or did it sound usual and general?
  • Was it a comprehensive study backed with research and data or did it contain baseless information.
  • Did the digital marketing expert provide real world scenarios and examples or just vague, unsubstantiated theories?

Reading and listening to what the expert has to say can help you sort out the level of knowledge and ability of the expert.

4. Be Diligent

There many who put forward self-claimed titles like leading SEO expert in Dubai or best-selling authors who have the best strategy to boost your business.  You should be very careful of not to walk into a con-artist trap. Most scams can be uncovered in the due research you do before choosing digital marketing expert. Also make sure to check their credentials and if they have any industry affiliations.