The Differences between SEO and Internet Marketing
The Differences between SEO and Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and internet marketing often mistook one for the other but they perform different functions altogether. Understanding the differences between the two critical to achieve results in your advertising and marketing efforts.  

Five Key Differences between SEO and Internet Marketing

While SEO in Dubai is considered to be a part of internet marketing, the two processes have some key differences. Keeping in mind these differences will yield the best positive results.

1. Internet Marketing Contains SEO Practices

The primary difference between internet marketing and SEO is the scope of each offers. Internet marketing in Dubai comprises all online customer outreach programs, which also includes SEO, paid advertising as well as social media marketing. This implies that internet or digital marketing is general while SEO is more specific.

2. SEO Search Engines Centric While Internet Marketing is People Centric

SEO primarily focuses on making your website and your content more visible to search engines employing the right keywords and right meta descriptions. On the contrary internet marketing caters to people and not solely on algorithms. For digital advertising strategies, content and social media should handle all the relevant information and practical help to people. Rather than stuffing your internet marketing materials with keywords, you should go deep into what message you actually want to convey to your prospective clients.   

3. The Costs of SEO and Digital Marketing are Different

Depending on whether you create your content in-house or outsource it, SEO services in Dubai are either relatively low-cost or free for your company. Finding relevant keywords and integrating them to your content is a normal part of this strategy.

On the other hand, digital marketing may cost you a significant amount depending on the scope of the results you expect. Depending on the size of business and the target audiences this may again vary.