How to Design a Successful Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign
How to Design a Successful Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign

For a business to make a mark in the digital realm, it obviously needs a strong online presence and reputation. This is why digital marketing is important. But many businesses choose not to go for a complete digital marketing. For instance, consider the internet marketing Dubai sector. SMBs and startups in Dubai generally tend to go for search engine optimization and/or social media marketing for their business. 

They are reluctant to explore other aspects like email marketing, mobile marketing etc. But in the present age, it’d be best to use every digital channel to establish a business’ presence online and convey the message as to the kinds of services it offers, and how it caters to its customers. To do this, the best bet is to go for an integrated digital marketing campaign. 

Integrated digital marketing strategy brings synergy across the various digital channels including website, social media, email, mobile, SEO etc. for a deeper customer engagement. 

Here’s how you can create a successful integrated digital marketing strategy in just 4 steps. 

Identifying the target customers 

You need to be aware of your target customers and their buying behavior, which means this step demands a lot of research. You can use past-purchase history and real-time data to get insights once you know who your customers are going to be. This will help you determine the apt marketing channel(s) to get your brand message through to your customers. 

Choosing the marketing channel

Every digital marketing channel has its fair share of cons. But when leveraged properly, they can give results. For an integrated digital marketing campaign, there would be room for all popular channels or rather there should be. This depends on your target audience. For instance, if you are doing a B2B business, LinkedIn can be a good medium to connect with other businesses, show prospects what you do, how you do it, and what makes your business different.

Start by shortlisting the channels by taking targeted audience into account. 

Communicate your message clearly and consistently

Once you have the marketing channels ready, develop appropriate content that the users would find relevant but also communicates your brand message and online presence.  This is vital for good brand recall. Make sure to ask your audience to share your content and messages.

Campaign measurement and analysis

The final step is to measure the impact of your campaign. For this, you will need to know many measurements including email open rate, website click-through rates, social media shares etc. Analysis and measurement of the campaign and the steps you have taken can help you make improvements and get better results in the future. This means you will certainly need analytics and performance tracking tools in place before beginning the campaign.