3 Ways to Get Customers in Internet Marketing
3 Ways to Get Customers in Internet Marketing

Commercial websites have to incur huge marketing expenditures to set themselves distant from the crowd, inspire web buyers to visit their websites, and then convert them actually to make a purchase.

The acquisition cost of clients on the web is higher than the average lifetime value of their clients at times. Companies will have to make a multi-layered, cohesive customer acquisition plan that reflects a refined understanding of the economies of an online business.

Some of the imperative modes to attain customers on the web in internet marketing includes:


i. Banner Advertisements:

Obtaining customers through banner ads can be excessively expensive. For instance, initially, CD now paid 7 cents for each person visible to its banner ad. Supposing that 1 percent of people who have seen the ad clicked over to the CD now site, CD now was giving $7 for each visitor to its website. And again imagining that 1 percent of customers who visited the website would actually purchase, the cost of gaining a customer was $700.


The acquisition costs are diminished when an e-business has to pay out less than 7 cents for each individual exposed to its banner ad, but if a company had to merely rely on banner ads for gaining customers, it would be very pricey.


ii. Affiliate Marketing:

An e-business can encourage other websites to create links to its website. CD now launched a revenue-sharing plan. When a customer clicks via an affiliate’s website to the CD now website and buys a CD, the CD now gives a small percentage of the income from the sale back to the affiliate. Websites that are associated with music are mainly good affiliates since their visitors may be interested in purchasing CDs. Websites that are fascinated to join the affiliate online marketing Dubai program can sign themselves up with a few clicks on CD now’s website.




Hence the system is reasonably priced and grows naturally. The system is made on the interconnections inherent to the web and on the web’s capability to monitor and track movement in real-time. CD now sees how many visitors reach from each member’s website and how many visitors are converted into customers. This is effectively done with the various search engine optimization Dubai techniques.


iii. Integrated Strategy:

The banner ads and the affiliate programs reach those possible customers who are already online. It is also essential to acquire customers offline. This generally means investing in conventional media like radio, television ads, and targeted magazines.


The links between internet marketing Dubai expenditures and customer acquisition are not as direct as in the case of banner advertising and affiliate programs. Dominant forms of offline advertising such as word-of-mouth promotion, television and radio ads, and publicity campaigns impact customers and cannot be unnoticed if a strong brand has to be built and an enormous customer base has to be made.