3 SEO KPIs to Track Your Performance
3 SEO KPIs to Track Your Performance

KPIs act as a control system that allows you to find which tactics which work and which don’t. Monitoring the precise KPIs is the greatest manner to avoid spending time and cash on something that isn’t converting the anticipated profit.

Here are 3 important KPIs to track your SEO performance and take you to better results.

Organic traffic

This KPI accounts for the number of visitors who reached your website from organic search results. It’s one of the most imperative metrics to include, as its progress signifies you reached the key SEO objective that is, rising the number of persons viewing and visiting your website. In the resulting report, you can get in what way the number of organic sessions alters in time and learn how it associates with the total sessions. Social Media Marketing Dubai also adds to fetch the organic traffic.

Search rankings

Search rankings are a critical KPI as it openly correlates with your SEO achievement. Once you catch the higher search points, you’re almost to reach the other goals like traffic, leads, and conversions.

Using the tools like Ahrefs, you can track the search positions for the targeted keywords just by entering your domain, picking the kind of SERP, importing the list of keywords, and beginning rank monitoring. The reports deliver you the data on your present positions and the way they were varying.

Search visibility

Search engine visibility specifies how frequently your domain is exposed in search results for the keywords it’s ranking for.

By tracking search visibility, you can view the progressive dynamics even before your site begins attracting people. This score acts as a strategic driver for all your SEO-based movement in Search Engine Optimization UAE. Search engine visibility score is tremendously beneficial if you need to view the initial results of website optimization.

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