Four Channels of an Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Four Channels of an Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

With multiple tools both existing and emerging to aid in our Digital Marketing efforts, it very easy to lose track of the bigger picture. We have to constantly ask ourselves 

  1. If we are missing out on any of the important channels.
  2. If we are able to create a comprehensive integrated digital marketing plan for our brand. 

The following are the four important channels for your integrated digital marketing solutions plan to maximize brand outreach.

Channel 1: Search

This channel focuses on user generated keywords and the issues they are trying to solve. Hence it of little surprise that keywords forms the basis of this channel.

Keyword Search tools: 

  1. Google Ad words: Google Ads or formerly Google AdWords, is Google’ advertising mechanism, in which marketers bid on particular keywords so that their clickable ads appear in Google’s search result page. 
  2. Bing Ads: Bing is another advertising mechanism by Microsoft similar to Google Ads.
  3. Content: This channel focuses on providing solutions/ information on what the target audience needs.
  4. Technical SEO 

Channel 2: Social Media

This channel revolves around the demographics and behavior patterns of the audience.

Tools for Social Media Marketing 

Services of various social media platforms (or combinations) of like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. are leveraged depending on the industry.

  1. Buffer: Easier to share content across multiple accounts and platforms from one central dashboard. 
  2. Social Clout: Give clear analytics about which demographics show the maximum engagement and which platforms convert best and at what times.

Channel 3: Email/ Chatbots

Chatbots are becoming increasingly crucial for digital marketing. With their live interaction capabilities chatbots can convert visitors to customers. They can also be programmed for data collection and demographic analysis.

At the same time one can never downplay the importance of content. Content still brings in huge amount of return on investment compared to other digital marketing avenues.

Channel 4: Website / APP

Website and apps developed by any good IT Solutions Company in Dubai can be used for ones advantage with more freedom for optimized digital marketing efforts. Landing pages with carefully crafted messaging can help easily communicate to the user and guarantee the right traffic to your website.

Likewise, User experience and search engine optimization in UAE share common goals. Both enable the users with relevant information to complete their tasks. SEO guides the user the content they have searched for and the UX answers their queries efficiently once the user ends up on the webpage.