Driving Traffic with Chatbots
Driving Traffic with Chatbots

Chatbots have become a valuable tool for businesses today, and it has a lot to do with the fact that Millennials prefer ‘chat’ more for communication. Businesses seem to have realized that chatbots can be leveraged for lead generation in marketing campaigns. Experts in online marketing in UAE recommend using chatbots for advertising and marketing, along with their standard purpose of communicating with potential customers and recommending products/services. 

But what’s this got to do with traffic? 

Quite a lot actually. 

Here are a few ways how you can drive traffic using chatbots. 

Facebook autoresponder chatbot

Social media marketers are tasked with generating/converting leads from a business’ social media sites and increasing traffic to the business’ website. One of the most effective tools they used to achieve this is good, engaging content that can start conversations. Now chatbots can take over. 

Autoresponder chatbots in Facebook can send an automatic response to a person who has commented on the business’ Facebook post. If the business is strategic, the people replying to the chatbot’s automatic response can be turned into traffic to the website. In addition, people replying to chatbot messages automatically becomes a Facebook Messenger contact. 

Companies used to rely on agencies in the search engine optimization Dubai sector as the best bet to drive traffic to their websites. With autoresponder chatbots, they can increase traffic from social media websites as well without the help of SEO agencies. 

Chat Blast

What was once done as part of email marketing can now be done with chatbots. Many enterprises still rely on the age old technique of driving website traffic through email marketing. Modern technologies allow marketers to do the same with a chatbot, and with 3x or better open rates compared to email. 

With Chat Blast campaigns, marketers can schedule and bulk-send interactive and engaging things via chatbots and drive traffic to the website. Doing a Facebook Messenger chat blast is free provided marketers stick to certain guidelines. 

Chatbot drip campaigns

Facebook Messenger now also facilitates drip campaigns! Yes… drip campaigns where marketers can set up an automated sequence of messages that can be sent with relevant links to the audience, and keep them engaged and active for a particular period of time. This can be particularly effective for onboarding and upselling. 

RSS feed-driven chat blast

Ever noticed RSS feeds on websites? 

The feed updates itself automatically when a website publishes new content or blog. 

Now the RSS feed can be integrated into the Facebook Messenger chatbot. This way the RSS feed will be sent to subscribers or potential subscribers. 


Chatbots have higher open-rates and click-through rates than email and most other digital channels. Automated chat blasting, drip campaigns, personalized purchase triggers – the possibilities are many and the potential is vast. And all of this is for organic traffic just like SEO. 

While SEO makes the website more visible to search engines and increase traffic, chatbots can send traffic from social media to websites much more effectively. Conclusively, a great marketing approach to drive traffic is to combine services from a leading SEO consultant in Dubai and social media chatbots.