4 Essential Tool for Search Engine Marketing by Google
4 Essential Tool for Search Engine Marketing by Google

Tools are necessary because you just cannot create an SEM campaign out of thin air. You need to be armed with the right strategy for your marketing efforts and the best way is to use the right tools. Here are 4 essential tools for search engine marketing in Dubai by Google.

Google AdWords Editor

Google Ads Editor permits you to design new campaigns or download existing accounts and it is free. The USP of Google Ads Editor is that it lets you work offline and make a sizeable of the changes simple and fast. 

The adjustments are made online when you upload the account into Google ads. This tool is advised for big accounts as it will be easier to search for duplicate keywords. Moreover, it is easy to replace ad texts across campaigns and ad groups.

Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner is a free tool used to find new keywords and review search volumes per keyword and to forecast for potential clicks.  To use Google Keyword Planner, a Google Ads account is necessary. There are two types of tools available under the Keyword Planner, the “Discover New Keywords” and “Get Search Volume and Forecasts”. As for SEO -focused keyword research, these two tools are sufficient to generate thousands of potential keywords.

Ad Preview and Diagnosis

The ad preview and diagnosis is another tool designed by Google to allow you to examine the status of your ad and the way it is being shown to different users in different geographic locations. It shows in real-time whether your ad is displayed for a particular keyword. This tool can come in handy, especially for SEO Consultants in Dubai, to troubleshoot potential issues with your ad. You can simulate the geographical location, language, device as well as the Google Domain.  

Google Auction Insights

With Google Auction Insights lets you compare the impression share of other advertisers who are competing for the same auction. Auctions are processes which decide which ads to appear or the order of appearance of the ads in a Google search. Auction insights display your competitors’ average position and can be fragmented by time and device.

The Auction insights report provides you with insights to make key decisions about bidding and budgeting by exactly pointing out the areas of hits and missed opportunities. The report is available for both search and shopping campaigns.

The auction insights report for search campaigns offers 5 different statistics: impression share, overlap rate, position above rate, top of page rate, and outranking share.  The report can be for a single keyword or for more, ad groups, or internet marketing campaigns in Dubai (if they meet a minimum criterion for activity for a given time) results are given for each segment by time and device.   

The Auction insights report for shopping offers 3 different statistics: impression share, overlap rate, and outranking share. The reports are generated for one or more ad groups or campaigns and results are offered for each segment by time and device.