How Search Engine Marketing Companies Can Keep Clients Happy
How Search Engine Marketing Companies Can Keep Clients Happy

Most people searching for Search Engine Marketing in Dubai expect to find companies that can give them quick results. They are unaware of the fact that search engine optimization is not a one-job deal delivering good results overnight. Because of this, they might think the services offered are over-rated and ineffective.

Just like SEO, long-term client retention also isn’t easy. If you are running an SEM company, here are a few tips to keep your clients happy and retain them without problems.

  • Educate them - Give the client an elaborate walkthrough about search engine marketing and the processes behind it. Educate them of the various strategies used by SEO companies, and how each of these strategies will benefit the client. They need to be informed specifically that they shouldn’t expect overnight results. Explain why. By the time you are finished, the client should have a good idea what SEO is and what it can do.
  • Be honest - This is where you have to explain the specific set of SEO service your company offers. Be completely honest about the pros and cons of each service. How the client perceives the services you provide should be your key focus area. You need to convince the clients that your services can benefit their business in the long-run though it takes time. For this, you need to inform them about proper and improper approaches, the techniques that you can employ, and how they are priced.
  • Give them something to expect - Once they are convinced that SEO is a long and continuous process, you should give them an idea on what to expect from your services. They should be informed how their competitors are doing in the SEO side, and how they can go up in search engine ranks by following your SEO strategy. 
  • Try not to be assertive – In many cases, aggressively canvassing your services can get you a deal with the client. However, this might also give the client a bad idea about how you do business. A proper approach is to patiently answer all their queries and clear all their doubts on the deal.

Being honest in explaining the pros and cons of various SEO strategies and educating them on the processes behind SEO can build a trust in clients. Make sure to inform your clients on the constantly changing SEO trends and discuss the tweaks in strategies rather than deciding on your own.