3 Tools That Bloggers & Entrepreneurs Can Use To Increase Website Conversion
3 Tools That Bloggers & Entrepreneurs Can Use To Increase Website Conversion

Conversion is what businesses online expect from effective sales & marketing strategies. Their readiness to invest in anything that improves conversion is why the Internet Marketing UAE industry is consistently growing. But in an ideal world, there is no such thing as a 100% conversion rate. Not all methods successfully increase conversion as well. 

Ultimately, it’s not possible for any business to force a user to make a purchase even with the right materials. If someone doesn’t want to buy something, they won’t. All a business can do is to entice them with just the right things at the right time hoping that they would choose to make a purchase even if they don’t want to. 

But that is a topic for another day. For now, let’s stick to a few useful tools that could come in handy for increasing website conversion.


It’s basically a conversion plugin, and conversion plugins don’t come cheap despite their many benefits. Still however, ConvertPlug is gaining a lot of traction in the market, possibly due to the fact that it only charges a one-time fee while offering almost every great feature that its rivals offer. In addition to many features, the plugin also features a number of templates that can be personalized for a website; revamping it and giving it a professional look and feel which in turn increases conversion rate.


What made CrazyEgg popular among experts in online marketing in UAE is that it allows one to see where their website visitors are clicking, which also means they will know where the visitors aren’t clicking. This can give them insights on what visitors commonly find appealing and unappealing on the website. Based on the findings, the website can be modified to look more appealing to visitors, subsequently increasing conversion.


The fivesecondtest is based on an interesting idea that could help improve a website. Users will be shown the home page of a participating website for 5 seconds after which they will be asked a number of things based on what they saw on the home page and what they remember about it. The test is a great way to identify the features on the website that users are missing.


Many businesses in the Middle East neglect to have their website’s conversion potential measured. They instead go for search engine optimization services, which is why the SEO Dubai industry is as big as it is at present. The right kind of changes to a website can significantly improve its conversion potential. The tools mentioned in this article are recommended by marketing experts who vouch for their usefulness to improve the conversion rate of websites for both bloggers and entrepreneurs. Give them a try.