How to Improve Ranking in Google’s Search Engine Result Page (SERP)
How to Improve Ranking in Google’s Search Engine Result Page (SERP)

When new content is published on your website you want it to be positioned or ranked higher up in the Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP). But there is no hard and fast rule for Search Engine Optimization in Dubai. It is an organic process which requires constant restrategizing.

Rank is the position in which your website URL appears when a user conducts a search. Rank is determined by relevance and popularity and depends on several variables, such as the topic of the content, programming of the website, trending topics, current events, etc.

Here are a few tips to improve your website’s ranking.

“Content is King”

Publishing relevant content is the key to SEO. Use relevant quality content to increase traffic to your website. Use images appropriately. 

Search engines prefer text because it is easy for them to parse. Moreover, search engines love clicking links. So ensure at least one text-based hyperlink to every page of your site. Also, update content regularly. 


Special focus should be given to improving user experience. Information should be arranged in such a way that the user has to click fewer times to arrive at the required content. This is also beneficial because the search engine has to travel lesser through the site to index the content. 

Meta Description

 Ensure each page has a unique Meta description. A Meta description is a 160 character long, summary of the web page. Google often displays it in the search result where user click-through rates can be influenced. The description should be meaningful short and enticing for the visitor to click.

Page Speed and Mobile friendly

As technology is advancing, user traffic is also coming from other mobile devices other than the traditional desktops. Make sure that your website is designed to be mobile friendly. Also ensure that images, code and content are optimized to load each page quickly.

Search engine optimization has an incredible potential to bring huge amounts of traffic to your website. So it’s quite possible to see the return on investments in hiring an SEO consultant in Dubai and provide them with enough time to demonstrate success. SEO requires a continued amount of effort and considerable experience to drive meaningful results. There are no instant results for success.