Why are Citations important in Local SEO?
Why are Citations important in Local SEO?

The local citation includes any online mention of the name, address, and phone number of one’s business. Many SEO companies in Dubai believe that citations are a critical ranking element for local SEO.


Citations may appear in a number of places such as business directories, social networks, etc., wherever somebody might be searching for information about local businesses.


Structured and Unstructured citations are the two categories of citations available.


A structured citation is used to list the name, address, and phone number (NAP) of a trade. Social media profiles and directory listings come under this type. 


An unstructured citation includes a contextual reference of any business online. It is typically used in forum posts, blog posts, and press mentions.


How citations help with local SEO


Citations are supposed to support search engines to validate the existence, legality, and reliability of a business. If these details are found across several significant and trusted websites, then Google probably has amplified confidence that your business is real, functional, and what you tell about it is right.


Many surveys conducted on citations proved that they occupy the fifth most imperative ranking signal for local search queries and SEO consultant in Dubai focus greatly on it.


How citations benefit folks to discover your business


Individuals don’t always rely on Google to discover local businesses. They frequently look in sites such as Yellow Pages, Yelp, and other specialist directories. Therefore, it will be better to get listed on these sites that in turn help you for search engine optimization in UAE.


Another reason is that business directories take over search results for local queries at times.

For instance, try searching for “plumber Dubai”.


Only a few of the top results show plumber’s websites. Such listings are mostly found in business directories. Since Google takes these kinds of results for local searches, you should be cited there for users to easily notice your business.