The Three Corner Stones of Search Engine Optimization
The Three Corner Stones of Search Engine Optimization

The world of SEO isn’t exactly a simple one. It involves complex ideas, umpteen search engine factors, and requires consistent effort for years on end. This explains why many companies don’t take the necessary steps to improve their positions on the SERP and end up surrendering on the key areas of online marketing in Dubai.

SEO is based on three cornerstones. Every SEO task falls under any of these, so taking the time out to learn and understand will reap benefits in improving your digital presence.

1. Link Building, Domain Referrals, and Digital Marketing

Link building can be defined as the marketing effort that goes in to earn one-way hyperlinks from other websites to yours. Domain referrals are essentially backlinks from other domains. Digital marketing involves efforts to improves a brand's online value by forging relationships with other online content creators.

All of the above-listed factors of SEO are crucial and requires consistent efforts to get a high-quality link from authoritative as well as relevant websites, domain referral, and backlinks to your website. Such efforts show value and becoming a leading link-worthy content creator for your industry that is useful for any industry insider. Such efforts gain people’s trust which in turn will improve the chances of them linking to your content on their websites.

2. Content Creation and Content Marketing

The idea behind creating quality content is to become a topical authority, by sharing your expertise among industry-relevant audiences. The emphasis on quality and quantity is of equal importance. Having numerous quality rich content with relevant keywords will help you get the attention of search engines and will soar your search engine results to great heights.

Expert Advice: Create a content calendar for your website blog and find topics to write that are relevant and most sought after for each week or month. If you are not able to keep up with the calendar it is advisable to outsource the task to any SEO companies in Dubai.

3. Technical SEO

Technical SEO focuses on Google’s ability to crawl and make a sense of your website.

This aspect of search engine optimization in Dubai includes tasks like title tag optimization and optimization of meta tags with relevant keywords. It also involves other tasks like internal linking and indexability. Technical SEO is as important as creating quality content. What is the point in creating high-quality content if the search engine can’t access them? Technical SEO gains even more important for high traffic expecting websites like social media, e-commerce, and corporate websites.

Using the Three SEO Corner Stones to Your Advantage

Every SEO decision that you make will come under any of the above cornerstones, so while trying to improve your SEO strategy constantly revisit these cornerstones to ensure success. SEO requires consistent efforts whether earning relevant links, improving your digital reputation, or oiling your technical SEO. With consistent efforts comes knowledge and SEO will seem much simpler than it looks like.