The Three Cs – Building Blocks of Search Engine Optimization
The Three Cs – Building Blocks of Search Engine Optimization

The potential of the digital realm for businesses is immense. The right marketing strategies can utilize the internet in ways that make a huge difference for online businesses. SEO is the most widely used marketing strategy online as it helps drive traffic to business websites. Search Engine Optimization is a competitive sector with companies offering a plethora of SEO based services. 

However promising their offers may seem, you need to look out for three Cs in their SEO strategies before hiring them. The 3 Cs – Content, Credibility and Code are the building blocks of an SEO campaign.


Content always takes the crown when it comes to SEO. Search engine algorithms are more advanced now as they analyze contents in a website for quality and relevance. Properly using the right keywords in HTML tags can also get your website’s ranks up in search engines. But with meaningful content, it only gets easier.

The content in a website should always be informative or educational to the users reading. A reputable SEO company will suggest you to go for quality over quantity. Interactive contents that are worth reading and relevant to the subject at hand combined with meticulous use of the right keywords can get your website’s rank up in the long run. However, you need to keep posting fresh contents and update the old ones.


Your website should also focus on establishing a sense of credibility when search engine crawlers come looking. This is important as it can help your website stand out from the rest, and in turn go up in ranks.

One of the best ways to do this is by link building. Get links to your website from popular and highly visible, top ranking pages in SERPs (Search Engine Result Page). In the case of Google, this increases your PageRank. An account in social media networks and the right social media marketing can help build credibility to an extent.


Database-driven CMS and WYSIWYG editors have become so prevalent that much of a website’s source code is now bulky and clumsy. The objective of an online business should be to get their website indexed in search engines. With a clumsy source code, it becomes difficult for web crawlers. To bypass this, you need to make sure that your website adheres to Web standards. 

Optimizing the source code of the website is a good start. However, source code optimization requires you to make sure that ALT, META and title tags of each page of the website are keyword optimized. For a particular page, it’s recommended to use the same keywords you used on the body copy of that page. If your domain is also based on the keyword, you are on the right track. 

You should be good to go if you focus on the 3 Cs. However, if your SEO campaign still doesn’t generate sales or leads, you need to recheck the keywords you selected as they haven’t hit the mark quite right. Right keywords is very important for conversion (another C for leads and sales). 

Use web analytic tools to monitor the effectiveness of keywords by analyzing your website traffic. Use free conversion tracking tools to see the keywords and phrases that convert via paid search. Use your findings in your SEO campaign, and don’t expect overnight results. Seek the help of a good SEO services company for consistent support, which can save your time and provide more insight.