3 Technical SEO Issues Companies Should be Aware of
3 Technical SEO Issues Companies Should be Aware of

Many Search Engine Optimization Dubai based companies fail to notice certain technical SEO issues while giving focus to great quality content. If left unnoticed, the issues might introduce complications that will be difficult to rectify.

Redirect Chains

Adding redirects in certain pages to help users traverse back to a more relevant page is common practice in SEO. But what if the page about to be redirected has already been redirected either once or multiple times? This condition is termed as a redirect chain. Redirects to pages give links value. Redirect chain is when you starts to lose that link authority. Redirect chains can be modified for a positive outcome.


People usually don’t bother checking out the Robots.txt file. It’s a standard followed by websites to communicate with web crawlers. Understanding Robots.txt can give you a good idea on how to utilize the standard to ensure that there are no rogue files or folders that detrimentally impact the way a website is crawled. Google’s Webmasters guide can provide valuable information on Robots.txt.

Schema Mark-Up

Schema Mark-Up is something you use on your website so that search engines will deliver more informative results from the website to users. However, it isn’t used much. There are a wide range of schema mark-ups and tools to create them online. Having schema mark-ups on websites, get them noticed as unique by search engines according to experts.

Utilizing even the minute technical features can positively affect your SEO. Many
SEO Consultants offer packages that tend to those features that aren’t taken into account.