3 Things SEO Article Writers Should Always Keep in Mind
3 Things SEO Article Writers Should Always Keep in Mind

For search engine optimization to be effective, content is the key. This content also includes articles, blogs, PRs, and various write-ups that deliver relevant information to people looking up appropriate keywords. Almost all SEO companies in Dubai offer content writing services in their SEO packages. However, if you are about to avail such a service, it’d be wise to verify the skill of the SEO writer who will be writing for you. 

SEO content writing is not simply about throwing a lot of words on a page, stuffing keywords all across the page, and watching people rushing into the website. It doesn’t work that way anymore. 

Professional SEO writers are aware that they can deliver results only if they craft content the right way, rather than just coming up with a bundle of sensible yet irrelevant sentences. 

Here are 3 things every SEO writer should keep in mind.

“Who is going to read this piece?”

This is probably the most important question an SEO writer should ask himself before creating content for a website. SEO writing stands out among every SEO services in Dubai, because the writer’s creations are what’s going to attract the target audience. If he doesn’t know who he is writing for and what the reader likes to read about, there would only be disappointment instead of increasing traffic. 

The content should always offer some sort of value to the readers - it can be some info they can’t find anywhere else or a unique solution to a rather persistent issue they are having. They should reflect the business’ goals and objectives clearly. At the end of the day, it’s the writer that decides how the content should reflect the business addressing consumers’ pain points. This way the content assures readers that the brand has solutions that can solve their problems.

Pay attention to analytics

An SEO writer’s job isn’t done when the content goes online. They should monitor the content using analytics tools; the most useful one of all being Google Analytics. SEO writers should be aware of the bounce rate, time on site, session duration etc. If the bounce rate is high, visitors aren’t staying on the site for long. This means they might not have found what they wanted from the content (in most cases). 

The analytics tell SEO writers to make changes in the content to better suit the readers, or identify something important to users that they missed. It could also be how the content was designed, and not the info it contains. Analytics holds great importance today, and is recommended every company offering online marketing in UAE

Edit them yourself

In many companies, there are SEO editors who make the edits in the articles written by an SEO writer. Professional SEO writers do the edits themselves, ensuring aesthetically pleasing wordplays, great formatting, useful images to complement the text, and simple, short paragraphs that make the message clear. 

However, even after the edits, it’s still a good idea to have someone else take a look at the article. A different set of eyes may find something the writer could’ve missed.