5 Techniques to Dominate With Your Local SEO Strategy
5 Techniques to Dominate With Your Local SEO Strategy

If you have done SEO before, you would know that it keeps changing all the time. SEO is especially tricky for local businesses. Search engine optimization Dubai is quite competitive locally, as anything less than top ranks in SERPs will negatively impact the business’ success. To stand a chance against the competition, local businesses have to take measures to properly optimize their on-site as well as off-site SEO strategies. 

Here are 5 techniques that can help local businesses climb the SEO ladder, and obtain better ranks for local search terms. 

Title and Meta Description Tags

HTML elements that you can change to reflect your website’s content. Keep in mind that the title and description tags appear in search results. Title tag can be about 60 characters long while the description tag can house up to 200 characters. Figure out the right information that fits in those space. It should intrigue users enough to check out your website. 

We are talking about local SEO here. So make sure to add the city or region your business is in, with the right keywords people might use to search for the services your business provide. The targeted keyword should be present in the title tag.

Online Business Directories

Consumers generally use search engines to find local businesses. And you will be focusing on getting your website rank higher in the first page for the consumers to notice. There is one other thing you can do that can somewhat establish your business’ authority – online business directories.

If you get your business listed in a reputed online business directory (Yelp), it may give your business an edge amongst all the competition. The directories should be top ranked. Another good idea is to register your business with contact details on data aggregator sites. Make sure the data you provide to directories and aggregators are accurate and devoid of any discrepancies like spelling mistakes or misplaced words.

Google My Business (GMB)

GMB is also a directory, but it’s a big deal and free too. For local business, getting listed in GMB can make all the difference. That’s why it deserves a separate section in this article. If your website is optimized enough, it can get featured in GMB for free. 

To give it a shot, visit www.google.com/business 

You will have to complete the verification process. For verification, Google will be sending a postcard to your business’ physical location. Use the PIN from the postcard on GMB the next time you login, and your business will be verified. Keep in mind that only business owners can register their businesses in the GMB. 

Once you are listed in GMB, you need to put some effort into optimizing how your business appears in GMB like your business’ logo, an attractive description, photos, business hours etc. 

Structured Data Markup

Also known as schema markup, it basically provides more information about your website to search engines. Only a few businesses bother with the schema markup and most of them just stick to the basics. That is exactly why it can make a difference in local SEO for your business. 

Google also appreciates websites with schema markup as it becomes easier for spiders (web crawlers) to understand what your website is about, and the services it offer.

Monitor Online Reviews

Nowadays, people tend to check reviews before approaching a business. Most of them will also leave a review of the business or a feedback of their experience after their deal with a business is done. Most SEO companies will not be recommending you to monitor your online reviews. They will be focusing on raising your website’s search engine rank.

A reliable SEO company will make that suggestion especially when it comes to reviews in GMB if your business is listed in it. If your business is featured in GMB, it’s vital to have good reviews as they show up on search result pages when someone searches for your business.

If you don’t think you can manage it all by yourself along with your business, it’s a good idea to avail SEO services from a reputed service provider. Seeking assistance from an online reputation manager is also recommended. It’s quite evident that businesses with mobile-optimized websites and positive reviews in GMB have more visibility compared to the rest.