6 WordPress Plugins to Optimize Blogs for SEO
6 WordPress Plugins to Optimize Blogs for SEO

Blogs can be the best source of organic traffic if leveraged properly. For the best results, the blogs should be optimized for search engine optimization. You can always rely on a good SEO company for a few good tips to optimize your blogs. WordPress bloggers, however, can do it on their own by using the right SEO plugins.

Here are 6 of the most reliable WordPress plugins for SEO.

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is so broad in scope that it allows you to do many SEO friendly things like adding META descriptions, meta keywords and SEO titles to your pages and posts, in addition to a myriad of other features that optimizes blogs for SEO. Free and premium versions of the plugin are available.

2. All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack is by far the most downloaded SEO plugin offering features like Google Analytics support, automatic title optimization, XML sitemap support, advanced canonical URLs etc. It also generates META tags automatically in addition to notifying search engines on the changes to the website. 

Free and Professional versions available.

3. All in One Schema.org Rich Snippets

All in One Schema.org Rich Snippets can be used to create a rich snippet of your page that would appear in search results. It can also help websites get higher ranks by increasing CTR (click-through rate). With snippets, the website stands out from the rest in SERPs (search engine result pages). This plugin is available for free.

4. WP Super Cache

WP Super cache is basically a caching engine that transforms dynamic content into static HTML files. This considerably improves your website loading speed, giving it some momentum in search engine rankings. It’s a free plugin with over 1 million users.

5. Redirection

As its name would suggest, the Redirection plugin can be used to manage URL redirections. You can also use it to keep track of 404 errors. This plugin can be of great use when you are migrating your pages or changing to a different directory, to redirect the URLs to the new ones.

The 301 Moved Permanently redirects are good for SEO, and gives a ranking boost to the pages that have been redirected. This is a free plugin.

6. Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker analyzes your blog posts as well as website content to identify broken links. Broken links can curse your website with poor SEO. The plugin notifies you if it identifies any broken links via email or WordPress dashboard. Fixing these links can make a difference in search engine optimization. You can also use the plugin to avert search engines from following broken links.