Brand Marketing During COVID-19
Brand Marketing During COVID-19

Online marketing campaigns in the UAE are one of the potentials and post COVID, a crucial channel to introduce brands at scale. It is not only expensive and time-consuming but there is no assurance that it will get you a good ROI. Here are a few ways that brands have focused on improving their branding through Online Marketing Dubai across various channels during COVID.

1.    Always keep it simple


The focus of all communication design is the user experience. Think of an elderly person trying online grocery purchase for the first time. How navigable is your site for them? Can they read your text easily? Do they have clear categories, indexing and information? The secret to a thriving business is reading the mind of a user.


2.    Create content on Video.


It is always easy to communicate through a 2-minute video than a load of text.

And with the new generation adopting the powerful use of videos for transmitting information, and educating, collaborating, entertaining and socializing. Hence video marketing is a crucial component of any brands strategy.

An added benefit other than engaging and drawing people‚Äôs attention toward your company- they can also improve your Search Engine Optimisation Dubai
and, eventually website rankings.


3.    Strengthen Your Product Sales with Reviews, Recommendations and Explainer Videos


Many before placing an order online resort to checking reviews online. Hence it is important for marketers to ensure that the aura around the general mood towards the product is positive and each feedback should be handled with due diligence. Responsible responsiveness is the foundation of online sales.


4.    Leverage OTT platforms that are relevant to your brands


There has been a peak in viewership on OTT platforms since the pandemic. Many brands are still waking up to the idea of diverting their Internet marketing efforts in UAE towards these platforms. Any many are exploring advertising, content integrations and sponsored shows on such platforms.