Easy Content Hacks to Generate More Leads
Easy Content Hacks to Generate More Leads

SEO isn't just about bringing in more visitors to the website. If done right, SEO can increase leads generated by a website. Experts in the search engine optimization Dubai sector recommend combining SEO and content marketing to generate more leads. While SEO makes a website more visible on search results thereby attracting more visitors, it's the content that ultimately turns visitors into leads or customers. 

Because if a website has visitors but no leads, we can be sure that their marketing is done in a horribly wrong manner. But what if the visitors see great content that takes them deeper into the conversion funnel? 

That is why a wise man once said 'Content is King'. 

Any SEO consultant in Dubai would recommend complementing a solid SEO strategy with compelling content. And content is what this article is about. 

Here are a few easy hacks to make your website content capable of generating more leads. 

Make sure the home page welcomes visitors warmly

The home page is the most powerful page of a website. It can attract or deter potential buyers in seconds. The home page of a website is the page that's visited the most via social media links, referring sites, search engines, ads etc. So it should have all the right content that can address the visitors' immediate queries. 

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself about your home page.

  • Can a visitor immediately understand the products/services your brand offers?
  • Are their testimonials present that can vouch for the quality of the brand's products/services?
  • Are there clear, compelling CTAs with buttons?
  • Is there a form to collect emails of people interested in subscribing to your brand or a revisit for purchase?
  • Are there links to blogs, case studies, or whitepapers with more information relevant to the visitor?

If the answer to any of these questions is a 'No', your home page needs some changes. 

Great headlines

By great headlines, we mean a strong verb accompanied by a powerful, describing word. Some examples of 'describing' words are:

  • Free
  • Effective
  • Simple
  • Essential
  • Valuable

The point is to not have a headline that's plain and boring. The headline should hint at what the content is about i.e. what a visitor can expect in the content. 

Here's a good example:

"Effective Marketing Tactics to Greatly Boost Conversions"

Wise use of CTAs

CTAs should be present on every page of a website, even the FAQ page or 'Terms & Conditions' page. When a visitor is done checking a webpage completely, there should be a CTA placed at a convenient spot so they can immediately take action (or before they get second thoughts). The CTA should take them further down the conversion funnel where more enticing stuff awaits them to consider making a purchase.


SEO and content marketing are the two fastest growing sectors of Internet Marketing in Dubai. The present marketing trends emphasize the importance of content and the need for a strategy that can leverage content for lead generation and conversion. Even the smallest tweaks in a content can deliver great results. Try devising an SEO - Content strategy for your website and see the results for yourself.