Free Keyword Research Tools To Kick-start Your SEO Campaign
Free Keyword Research Tools To Kick-start Your SEO Campaign

A critical component of any search engine marketing strategy is the presence of relevant keywords. And finding them requires extensive research. You can start by identifying a few related and relevant keywords, and then proceed to a detailed search. A good number of companies in the search engine optimization Dubai sector begins by making use of free keyword research tools to identify keywords that are important to competitors or those with lower search volume and competition. 

Here are 3 free tools you can use to kick-start your SEO campaign.


Like the name suggests, this tool basically lets you ‘spy’ on keywords, and packs several other features. The one feature to notice is the domain spy tool. All you need to do is type in the name of the domain into the search field, and turn on the radio button for domains. 

The result will be a somewhat accurate report of the site’s paid search information, including how much the site spends on paid search, their competitors (both organic and paid), and their main keywords. The free version of KeywordSpy gets you about 10-20 results. Unlike many other free tools, this one also lets you export lists into Excel, Google Spreadsheet, or CSV. Essentially, this tool gives you a good look on your competitors to learn more about them. 


KeywordEye is a tool to identify the highest converting keywords for your SEO campaigns, defaulting primarily to Google UK though it offers options for many other countries. However, the free version of the tool has a 100 keywords limit. 

One of its other great features lets you order the cloud visualization it returns by search volume or AdWords competition. 


SEMRush is the best once you pay for it. However, the free version does provide useful data like a metric for the number of Google search results that you can use to assess the competition for a keyword. 

SEMRush also provides keywords related to the one you entered. This information allows you to weed out those keywords that aren’t relevant to the keyword you entered, and the business you are doing. Finding such keywords like this in the beginning itself means you won’t have to pay for such keywords upfront once you commence your PPC campaign. 

Though having a reliable budget does give you great data to work with, using free tools can still give you an edge before you begin SEO campaigns. If you cannot afford time to do the research yourself, you can approach a reputed SEO consultant to do it for you, by directing them to use the free tools that can get you the information you want.