Some General SEO Statistics
Some General SEO Statistics

1. Google is the leading search engine. As per 2020 statistics, Google alone accounts for a whopping 80% of the total desktop search traffic, followed by Bing at 7.27%, Baidu 6.55%, Yahoo 5.06%. The rest is divided among small players like, AOL.

2. Half of all organic search engine queries contain four or more words. This is especially critical for websites that are not optimizing for long-tail keywords. Such long-tail keywords bring web traffic and also high conversion rates.    

3. Quality content and link building are critical for SEO success. According to several sources, the perfect synthesis of link building and good content have the potential to increase web traffic tremendously.

4. More than 60 percent of online marketers in Dubai consider SEO as central to online success. The ongoing benefits of search engine optimization is the underlying reason for SEO being ranked as the most efficient way to increase perception, traffic and grow online.

5. Around 50% of businesses allocate fewer than one-quarter of their marketing budget for link building. As any other facet of business, with link building, you reap what you sow. Search engineoptimization companies in UAE in sync with the prominence of SEO understand that topping the search engine rankings require considerable amount of time, money and patience.

6. Businesses with a marketing strategy dish out on an average of more than 40 percent of their budget to SEO. Seeing the accruing benefits of a robust SEO strategy, businesses are choosing to spend more than ever to increase their exposure through organic search. This number will only increase and not less than 45 percent in 2021.

7. Long-tail keywords promote higher click through rates (CTR). This means that long-tail keyword searches enjoy a 3-5% higher CTR than search titles with one or two words.

8. 70% of clicks in Google search results are organic and the remaining 30% going towards AdWords. While PPC marketing plays a significant rule in a robust holistic marketing strategy, there are no doubts regarding the effectiveness of organic search results. In spite of Google’s best efforts, users still understands what ‘paid’ and what an organic search entails. SEO statics in Dubai make one strong statement in arguing for increased allocation of resources towards SEO in Dubai.