A Quick Guide to Finding the Right Search Engine Optimization Company
A Quick Guide to Finding the Right Search Engine Optimization Company

Just like SEO is a tricky process, choosing the right search engine optimization company in Dubai can also get a little tricky. This is mostly because anyone with a computer and a net connection can claim to be an SEO expert. Before you choose one for your business in the UAE, make sure you consider a few factors and do some research.


  • Target market - You need to be well aware of your target market including the types of customers interested in your business services, age, profession and other variables associated with these customers, the competition etc.
  • Outdated SEO techniques and strategies
  • Latest trends in search engine marketing and social media marketing

These 3 are just a basic know-hows you must have before narrowing down a good SEO company

Set a budget – You should be prepared to invest in search engine marketing and patiently await the results because SEO is a long process that can only give results, positive or negative, after many months (in most cases). If you hear any SEM company promising results in a short duration, scratch them off your short list. 

The budget should be prepared keeping in mind the nature of your business and the target market. A good SEM company can give you a price structure on their services rather than demand a fee periodically depending on the work done.

SEO Methods & Techniques used – If the shortlisted search engine marketing company provides quick results at a small cost, you should double check their background, success stories and the techniques they employ.

As mentioned above, SEO cannot give quick results unless they use black hat SEO techniques that search engines don’t promote. Make sure the SEO techniques used aren’t black hat or grey hat techniques, because if the search engines find out about it, your business will be penalized. This can negatively affect your online business visibility.

Ask a lot of questions – This is the most important thing to keep in mind while trying to hire a search engine optimization company. You should ask them a lot of questions. It can be anything from their company history to how transparent their methods are, their past successes and long running clients etc.

If they are good like they claim to be, they have nothing to hide from you and will be answering everything patiently. If they seem like they are promptly misdirecting you from the question, be wary as there’s a chance that the firm isn’t as genuine as they claim to be.

You just need to know a few things about SEO and your own business’ market to assess the kind of SEO services you will need. After this, a little bit of research and a detailed Q&A can give you a good idea which company to trust.