Is more traffic = more business?
Is more traffic = more business?

The power of client-vendor engagement in online SEO and PPC projects

A partnership based engagement between the client and vendor is essential for the success of online SEO and PPC projects. When a client engages a vendor for SEO and PPC projects, the focus often seems to be too much on increasing traffic. This is equivalent to building a huge shopping mall and setting a goal that “X” number of footfalls must be obtained per day. But, is this a realistic goal? What about actual purchases, revenue generated from sales, revenue per store, revenue from parking and tracking repeat visitors?

Is energy being channelized or wasted?

A good SEO and PPC solution provider can drive great traffic to the client website. But, is the project a success just because the number of hits on the website has increased? Are the following points checked as well?

  • How much time does the visitor spend on the site?
  • Did they exit from the landing page itself? (High bounce rates?)
  • Did they traverse pages and reach a destination page that you wanted them to reach? (Conversions?)
  • Did they click on an intended button, fill a form? (Event tracking?)
If you have not thought about these points, it is time you did. Else, you have tremendous energy coming into your website, but, if not channelized properly, it becomes a classical case of energy dissipation or wastage.

A check-list for clients before starting SEO and PPC projects

How receptive are you towards vendor inputs?

Proactive vendors will give valuable inputs. Do you have a framework and management buy-in to analyze it?

How rigid or elastic is your decision making structure and process?

For example, poor traffic conversion to intended goals could indicate poor website design and usability. Have you briefed your management on the possible changes the SEO and PPC reports could trigger? Is there a buy-in?

Are the goals for the project discussed with the Sales, Marketing and other stakeholders?

SEO and PPC projects are aimed at driving business and everyone plays a role in it? Are the goals agreed upon?

The Verbanet approach

Verbanet views SEO and PPC projects as a significant step towards the client’s business goals. Apart from driving traffic to the website, we focus on in-page analytics, identifying energy dissipation points, tracking rigid conversion points, highlighting poor usability points and more to enable the client to continuously optimize their online web presence to derive maximum benefit from the SEO and PPC campaigns.