Effective Modern Link Acquisition Tactics for Your SEO Campaign
Effective Modern Link Acquisition Tactics for Your SEO Campaign

Link acquisition has been, and will most likely continue to be, one of the most important and challenging components of an SEO strategy. Experts in the SEO Dubai sector emphasizes the importance of backlinks due to the fact that search engines like Google determines quality and popularity of a website by analyzing its backlinks. Backlinks have always been considered valuable for SEO despite the occasional changes in Google’s search algorithm. 

However, this doesn’t mean that all backlinks are the same. Only backlinks that are of value in modern day search engine optimization are those that are acquired from websites with high URL ratings. With SEO articles emphasizing the relevance of good quality content and their influence on rankings, most website owners new to SEO focus more on developing, publishing, and marketing content. Link acquisition is conveniently neglected. 

SEO is the most likely when the website has good quality content, good outreach, and great value. All three of this can help the website acquire backlinks and increase the likelihood of rising in ranks. 

Here are three link acquisition tactics that can help establish your brand and earn better search engine rankings. 

Infographics & Content Marketing

You will need to create infographics with a strong focus on the target market and customers. Make sure you do enough research on the type of content your customers will want to read. Once the content is ready, work on the infographics to accompany the content. The content along with the infographics can be published as a blog in your website or posted in slideshare. The key is to promote this content through newsletters, social media marketing, email marketing or advertisements. 

Long form Content

The term ‘long form’ is subjective. Long form content is generally considered to be articles longer than 700 words while many others consider 1500+ words articles as long form. There is a wrong notion that the content should be short, relevant, and impressive for people to check them out. On the contrary, people prefer to get something out of the time they spent reading an article, even if it takes a while to read. 

For instance, consider a long article that explains the traits of over 25 breeds of dogs. People who like dogs will most likely go through the whole content just to learn a few new things about dogs.

Any SEO company can vouch for the fact that long form content is the single most important SEO factor at present. It shouldn’t be stuffed with information just for the sake of discussing the topic. The readers should be able to learn a lot from the content, and should understand them easily. 

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a challenging yet effective way to build high quality inbound links. You basically write good content for other reputed publications, and get them shared across the social media essentially building your own brand in the process. The challenge here is that it’s not easy to get publications to let you write for them. That is the hard part. 

You can start writing for smaller publications, build a reputation, and then use it to pitch writing content for bigger publications.

If you can do these three well, you will start earning a brand value that could make it easier for you to earn backlinks from reputed websites. It takes a lot of effort and time. So you shouldn’t expect results overnight. The tactics are effective for modern day SEO efforts in both small and big brands.