7 Effective Link Building Tactics in 2016
7 Effective Link Building Tactics in 2016

Link building is one of the hardest parts of SEO. Although search engine optimization Dubai gives one a lot of choices of reliable SEO experts, almost all of them will likely spend more time building links after getting hired for their services. Here are a few link building tactics that can benefit your SEO efforts in 2016.

Good Guest Posts

Guest post is when you write articles with good quality content for reputable websites as a guest so as to build one-way links to your website. Many popular websites accept guest posts if the content is relevant and good enough. Make sure this website is in the same industry as your business, and post content that will be informative to readers, which makes them more likely to share it.


There are only a few better ways to get a point across than infographics. But they can also get you a few much need one-way links. Create charts, diagrams and any other appealing visual representations by yourself in a way that viewers can understand easily. Include your company brand/logo and website link as a backlink. 


Focus on preparing blogs that relate to your industry, and post them on a regular basis. These blogs should be relevant, educative and properly structured. Share the blogs in social media pages and communities. You can add one or two links in the blogs but do not overdo it. These links should lead the reader to equally relevant pages where they can get more information. Blog is a powerful tool for social media marketing with benefits in SEO as well.

Broken Link Building

This is a painstaking technique but still reasonably effective. You should look out for websites having pages with broken links. Contact the webmaster about the broken link and suggest your own website as a replacement link. It requires a lot of effort and is not commonly practiced, which makes it quite effective if you succeed in building enough links.

Keep an eye on your Competitors

You have to carefully analyze your competitors’ link building strategies. They will mostly be doing the same things you are doing but could be building links on more popular websites. You can use that same website to build links to your website or determine the things that aren’t working for your competitor and refrain from using them in your strategy. There is a lot you can learn from your competitor. 

Use Public Q&A Forums

This is one other great way to build links. You just need to establish yourself as an industry expert by visiting FAQ communities and forums where people post queries on topics that you know of. Respond to these queries with relevant answers. Once you have earned points for your responses, you can add links to your signature so people can follow you. 

Build Relationships

This is an age old strategy that still works – build good relationships. Frequenting niche-related communities like forums, social media groups etc. can connect you with those working in the same industry as you. This helps in enhancing brand visibility, sharing thoughts as well as acquiring platforms to build links.