3 Most Common On-Site SEO Mistakes You Should Know About
3 Most Common On-Site SEO Mistakes You Should Know About

SEO doesn't always need a dedicated in-house team. You can do it yourself to an extent provided the website isn't very large. However, you will need to have basic knowledge of SEO, be aware of the latest trends in the search engine optimization UAE industry, and be prepare to invest a lot of time optimizing the website for search engines. Even with enough knowledge, some website owners struggle with on-page technical SEO.

This is because they may miss certain key things in their SEO checklist, as such a checklist can be tiresomely long. To make things a bit easier, it's better for website owner turned SEO aspirants to focus their efforts on certain SEO issues. 

That said, here are 3 common on-site SEO issues they should be aware of, and tips on avoiding them from leading SEO experts in the Internet Marketing UAE sector. 

Missing alt tags

For a website to post content relevant to its visitors, images are vital. Despite the images being important to content marketing, they could also play a role in creating major SEO issues. Images in a website require alt tags. Alt tags help search engines understand what an image is about. If said alt tags can contain important SEO keyword phrases, it'd make the website look even more appealing to search engines. 

It's wise to ensure that every image in the website has an alt tag, and no images in the website are broken. 

Too many on-page links

It's not easy, even for expert search engine optimizers, to get linking right. If the website has too many on-page links on its pages, the search engine crawler would have a lot of work ahead of it. The idea is to keep the clicks as few as possible for crawlers. Google used to penalize pages with a lot of links. But they seem to be going easy at the moment. Nevertheless, it's not a good idea to have a lot of on-page links on pages because that also translate to more number of clicks for the visitors. Go for a natural link profile with relevant, high-equity links. 

You can approach one of the many leading SEO companies in Dubai to perform a link audit on your website for you. This would give you an idea to devise a proper linking strategy for your website. 

Absence of or duplicate meta descriptions

Meta descriptions are what your visitors see about your website after having the site displayed on their search results. The description helps the visitor decide whether to visit your website or not. Meta descriptions actually do not influence the page's search engine rankings directly, but plays a role in its CTR. 

Many sites don't bother adding meta descriptions to pages while many others simply copy and paste descriptions that they have seen elsewhere. Duplicate meta descriptions or no meta descriptions at all are, believe it or not, quite common on-site SEO mistakes. Make sure the meta descriptions are original and relevant, and that every page in your website has its own unique meta description with relevant keyword phrases included. 


Thousands of websites become part of the great, wide internet every day. And not all of these websites pay attention to good SEO practices. Common mistakes like the ones in this article hurt optimization efforts. Though some of them don't impact rankings, they are still not good practices and would simply irk visitors. Collectively, a number of bad practices can eventually cause big problems which would in turn impact the search engine rankings of the website. 

There are even more problems that SEO beginners should be aware of. But the point is that they should pay attention to these little details first before focusing on advanced SEO tactics.