Tips to Optimize Blogs & make them Search Engine-friendly
Tips to Optimize Blogs & make them Search Engine-friendly

Blogs have enormous marketing potential that many organizations neglect even today. As a matter of fact, experts in the search engine optimization UAE industry recommend leveraging blogs as an organic approach to building brand credibility online. The key is to provide fresh, relevant content that answers, addresses, or relates to what the website visitor is looking for. By doing this, you are essentially letting them know that you are an expert in that particular subject.

But for visitors to check out your blogs, the blogs should be made noticeable. And you make the blogs noticeable by making it more search engine-friendly. This way, the blogs can appear in search engine result pages. 

There are companies that specialize in optimizing content in the SEO Dubai sector; different from SEO specialists. Here are a few tips recommended by a leading company specializing in SEO and content marketing to optimize your business blogs for search engines.

No compromise when it comes to keyword research

Keyword research is vital for on-page optimization where blog optimization comes under. By simply providing relevant content on a topic that your business is associated with, you are likely including keywords in your blogs without realizing it. Tools like the Google Keyword Planner makes it easier for you to identify those keywords that people are searching for the most. Armed with this knowledge, your blog posts can specifically address certain things that your target audience searches the internet for. 

No keyword stuffing

Including keywords in your blog is one way of optimizing your blogs. But this doesn’t mean you should keep repeating the same keyword over and over again in a single blog. This is called keyword stuffing which is obviously a big mistake. Place the keywords carefully where they will have the most impact for both human readers and search engine crawlers. 

The standard practice is to include important keywords in the title tag, headings and subheadings, concluding paragraphs, title tags, and meta descriptions. 

Use & optimize images in the blog

The blog should not be text alone. It should have images that relate to what the blog is all about. This image should also be optimized for search engines i.e. it should have an alt tag that references a relevant keyword and should not be too big in size. 

Expand the reach of the blog using social media

Social media networks are the best way to build brand reputation and establish a great online persona for the business. While search engines can take your blogs far and wide across the internet, social media can be used to build connections with those blogs. As a matter of fact, you can post blogs on communities with the right kind of audience that would be interested in your brand and its services/products. Social media like Facebook even lets you schedule posts ahead of time. This also validates the fact that SEO and social media marketing are closely associated with each other. 

Internet marketing in UAE isn’t as difficult as many organizations suppose it to be. There are multiple approaches to gaining a foothold in the digital realm. SEO is just one great way to start. For a marketing plan that fits within an organization’s budget, it’s best to seek services from an experienced and reputed Digital Marketing agency.