Search Engine Filters Duplicate Content
Search Engine Filters Duplicate Content

Duplicate content was an SEO tactic that used to work until a few years ago. Search engines like Google now have strict policies against duplicate content and use filters now to detect such contents. Creating duplicate contents used to trick search engines to deliver poor quality or less relevant results. It’s been a practice to create multiple copies of certain pages so as to get listed in search engines or achieve multiple listings in the search results page with redundant use of keywords.

With the search engine filters in action, duplicate content will be filtered out now resulting in rank drops for pages that use duplicate content. However, the filters occasionally remove genuine ones too along with duplicate content. There are mainly four kinds of duplicate content with the highest chance of getting filtered out that any SEO company in Dubai should be aware of. 

  • Identical pages in a single website – Just like identical websites are considered spam in the internet, websites with pages similar to the ones in other websites are also considered spam or duplicate in most cases, even if those other websites are affiliate sites.
  • Scraped content – This is a widely used tactic where articles from the internet are slightly modified to appear different and posted in websites. Search engines have programmed their filters to specifically analyze and deal with scraped content. 
  • Articles distribution in pages - According to experts, the old school rule of distributing an article by publishing it all over the internet might not work considering Google’s new algorithms though it might work in Yahoo or MSN search engines. There is a possibility that many other sites feature the same article but in different layouts.
  • E-Commerce product descriptions – Many sites use the same description, for a common product, that they obtain from the manufacturer in their websites. Using a manufacturer’s description for the product or service being sold is considered duplicate content by search engines.

The best solution by far to prevent rank drops due to duplicate contents is to not have duplicate content appear in any web pages altogether. Fresh and constantly updated contents can be practiced for a good SEO boost. Many SEO Consultants in Dubai can help you find effective ways to avoid the repercussions of having duplicate contents.