What You Should Know When Writing SEO Articles
What You Should Know When Writing SEO Articles

To grow your business online, you should establish brand presence. One of the best ways to do that is to get your website’s rank up in search engine results. And one of the ways you can do just that is to publish and promote good quality SEO content. Good SEO articles to drive traffic is the most popularly adopted strategy in the search engine optimization Dubai sector. 

Regularly posting fresh, informative content will make readers want to come back for more. However, throwing in a couple of words on a page won’t quite cut it no matter how big the article is. The articles should be Pro SEO. It should be built the right way in order to be effective as an SEO tool.

Here are a few things you should when writing SEO articles. 

Thorough keyword research

The goal is to get search engines like Google notice the content you post in your website. To achieve that, you will need to identify the keywords and phrases people use while searching for the services you offer. Use these keywords in your articles, and track where you rank for those keywords. There are many free tools that can help you with this. 

Keywords in the right places

The primary keyword or the main keyword should be included in the title of the article or blog. Make sure the keywords are placed in a manner that they stand out to readers as well as search engine crawlers. However, you should be careful not to add the same keyword too many times in the article. Keyword stuffing can do more harm than good, negatively impacting your search engine ranking. 

Give what your readers want

You should be aware of what your business provides. So you should know what your readers expect from your content – advices, tips, tutorials, guides etc. You can also share news relating to your business. Using your SEO keywords list as reference can give you a good idea on the type of content you can leverage. 

You can also interview the domain experts, and share their expertise in your posts. This also raises the likelihood of them sharing your posts via their social channels in return. 

Long-form content

Considering the present standards, the content should be at least 300 words long. However, a lot of research shows that search engines favor long-form content more i.e. in-depth content more than 1000 words long. In-depth content should be made in such a way that readers should see its worth and share them for more people to read. 

Edit and promote your work

Content once posted should be occasionally edited. That’s one significant difference between professional SEO writers and regular writers. SEO writers should make sure that the content is occasionally updated, and remains aesthetically pleasant to readers. This includes reducing the length of long paragraphs, making sure the information provided is still worth something, and add new information.


Writing SEO articles is tricky and time-consuming. If you cannot invest so much time in this, you can approach a reputed company that provides SEO services and have them take care of the SEO part. A good SEO company can provide high quality, optimized articles as well to go with a great SEO strategy.