Major SEO Aspects Web Designers Should Never Neglect
Major SEO Aspects Web Designers Should Never Neglect

Any reputed SEO Consultant, Dubai would recommend to begin SEO efforts from the web design phase itself. The website’s design elements lay the foundation for its SEO stability in the long run. To be a capable web designer, one should have at least basic SEO knowledge to build a website that can effectively reach its intended audience. 

Here are 5 major SEO aspects a web designer should be aware of, to build SEO-friendly websites. 

Website structure

If you approach a reliable SEO expert in the Internet Marketing Dubai industry while planning to develop a business website, the expert would suggest to begin from the website structure design itself. One of the core aspects of SEO is the website structure. The structure should be clear and logical, with the home page giving visitors a big picture view of the website’s purpose, and what they can find in other pages of the site. 

The site can have several subpages offering valuable and relevant content to users, all of which accessible from the home page itself. However, too many layers and subpages can make it difficult for search engine crawlers. The objective is to build a site structure without going too deep but while conveying everything the business offers.

Site navigation

In addition to an all-around impressive site structure, the website should also facilitate simple navigation. Every page on the website should be made easily accessible, with as much less clicks as possible for the visitor. The lower the number of clicks a user should do in order to navigate to different pages, the better it will be for crawlers to crawl through the site. Essentially, the goal here is to incentivize crawlers with as few clicks as possible without compromising the site’s intended purpose. 

Mobile-friendly design

Mobile-friendly websites are what Google recommends considering the fact that people prefer to use mobile devices to access the internet and find the information they seek. Responsive web design isn’t just an option now. Google even allows designers to test the mobile-friendliness of their websites. 

Website speed

Website loading speed is now more important than ever. People now have access to fast internet connections and are used to finding content through the internet quite easily without having to wait. They also expect the website to load fast when opening it in their browsers. Slow-loading websites would force visitors to search for other alternatives instead. In addition, Google also penalizes slow-loading websites with lower search engine rankings. 

Image optimization

Image optimization is now considered a must-do SEO technique, and is widely recommended by experts in the search engine marketing Dubai sector. Image optimization involves naming images accurately, using alt tags for images so the crawlers know what the image depicts, and not using images with big sizes that might slow down the website. 


Search engines have always played a major role in the internet, displaying its power to boost businesses high or bring them down in the digital realm. Getting a thumbs up from search engines has never been more important than today for businesses, because almost everyone looks up a business in the internet today. 

It’s important for people in other fields – like web development & design, to consider SEO aspects while designing and developing websites. An SEO-ready website would make it easier for search engine optimizers to do the needful for better rankings in SERPs.