SEO Must-Do’s for Web Developers
SEO Must-Do’s for Web Developers

SEO might not come easy for many website developers as SEO practitioners in Dubai. Although web development and SEO require totally different set of skills, both are interrelated. Have a working level knowledge of SEO will be helpful for web developers to identify potential roadblocks and bottlenecks associated with the development lifecycle.

Here are a few must do’s in SEO that every web developer should know.

1. Check If the Trafficking Program is Installed Correctly?

Incorrect installation of tracking program can cost you dearly because it might provide erroneous data, or worse, duplicate data showing a spike when there might not even be any change. At best, check if the tracking program tags (if needed) are installed only once on the page because multiple installations and erroneous installation can pose a real challenge later. Google Tag Manager can be used for more complex analytical installations.

2. Is the Website Mobile-Friendly?

Responsive towards mobile means entirely two different things in the development worlds. One, Does the site use standard development techniques using a responsive CSS stylesheet with media queries? Two, does the website use a different mobile subdomain ( 

The issue with having a separate mobile sub-domain, is that Google considers it as a second web property which might make it harder to manage SEO tasks in Dubai like link building.

3. Are the Images Optimized for Website?

Many developers tend to underestimate the power of images and tend to avoid using compression techniques. For example, it is possible to use an image provided by the internet marketing expert in UAE, compress it down to manageable file size while maintaining image quality. This is generally done by adjusting the JPEG settings while exporting an image for the web.