Major SEO Trends 2019 Will Bring to the Table
Major SEO Trends 2019 Will Bring to the Table

SEO is fraught with a lot of twists and turns as the many factors that influence SEO are prone to inevitable changes too often. A few years back, the Search Engine Optimization Dubai sector only relied on trends that seemed beneficial as opposed to practicing new ones. For instance, many companies still recommended keyword-stuffed articles to boost SEO even when the Google Panda update started penalizing 'content farms'. But lately, almost every leading firm in the industry are constantly observing new trends and techniques - a welcome change of pace.

That said, let's take a look at the trends that will turn heads in 2019. 

SEO beyond Google

Google's search dominance made SEO all about Google. Every business in the Middle East wanting SEO would be thinking about their Google rankings. Complementing this demand, all leading SEO companies in Dubai offer services to optimize websites for Google's search engine. Other search engines and their ranking algorithms aren't even in the picture. 

This will be changing next year as optimizers will have to take other 'engines' into account other than Google. SEO will be more about showing up whenever, wherever, and however people search and not about ranking up top on the result pages. Business brands like Amazon are gaining more traction by the day and are augmenting their own search engines that people find more convenient when searching for items to purchase.  

Need for exceptional content

2018 made it clear that Google's algorithm updates are more focused on evaluating a website's content quality better. Many sites that lack content depth and quality suffered major rank drop while those websites that had exceptional quality content soared in rankings. Content on websites should not be focused on keeping blogs alive. It should be well presented, well structured, relevant and should connect with more than ever. 

Optimize for Google SERP features

In addition to optimizing the website for search engine visibility, 2019 will also demand optimization for the complete Google search experience which involves optimizing for featured Snippets and various other SERP features. Paying attention to all those little things can help businesses get a bigger chunk of organic traffic next year. 


The trends listed in this article are what we got by simply scratching the surface. 2019 will likely have more SEO surprises that will further accelerate the growth of online marketing in Dubai. Leading SEO consultants in the Middle East recommend keeping an eye out for even the slightest shift in trends from the beginning of 2019 and other technological advancements that are likely to influence search engine optimization techniques.