How Your Social Media Strategy Complements Your SEO Efforts
How Your Social Media Strategy Complements Your SEO Efforts

There is a well-established connection between social media marketing and SEO. However, the impact on SEO is something that’s been going back and forth. The question is whether social media marketing can influence organic search rankings and site visibility.

Back in 2014, a former engineer of Google rebutted the claim that the ranking algorithm takes social signals into account. Google has also denied that Facebook posts and popularity directly influence ranking. The search engine optimization Dubai sector begs to differ. 

In practice, a solid social media strategy can and will help increase rankings and search visibility. Most reputed SEO companies recommend a social media strategy that complements the SEO strategy for optimal results. 

Let’s see what the ‘social media’ factor can do for your SEO campaigns. 

Building a brand with social media marketing

The buying process can be quite lengthy especially when the customers involved are willing to spend time doing some online research before purchasing a product or service. A good majority of such customers might even look up the product or service in social media channels (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest etc.) to learn what people are saying about it. 

The trust people have for the brand and the likeness of the brand are the two main reasons that convert consumers. A solid social media strategy can build that trust, subsequently increasing social media visits. A customer engaging with a brand in a social media channel will most likely visit the brand’s website or recommend it to others who will. So essentially, you are making yourself known through social media while increasing the likelihood of people searching your brand in search engines. 

Social profiles appear in organic search results

As mentioned above, a good social media profile and a strategy to expose the business more through social media can increase website visits. You should also take into account the fact that consumers may look up people from your business, instead of your business, on search engines. This can most likely be people holding prominent positions in your business or a salesperson. 

As a result of the search, their social media profile may appear in the results. If the profile isn’t used much, potential consumers may get second thoughts and might start looking for your competitor instead to do business. 

Apply the same principle to your business. Your business’ social media profile should be impressive enough to charm consumers while giving them awareness about your brand. A full profile with images, videos, contact information, call-to-action etc. that are linked to the website can most likely direct visitors to your website. With your website traffic increasing, it will be considered useful by the search engine, and may in turn rise up in search engine ranks. 

To conclude, you need an effective social media strategy as well as appropriate social media profile management. 

Search engines in social networks

People use the search engines in social networks more than you think. A business, for instance, can be searched within LinkedIn using its search tool. The skills provided in the LinkedIn profile and keywords related to what the visitor might be searching for can boost the visibility of the profile in LinkedIn searches. 

To leverage this, you need to optimize your LinkedIn profile by reviewing the skills, the related keywords in various sections of the profile etc. An optimized profile can appear when a user searches a related keyword. This can subsequently drive the user to your website once they visit your profile. 

If your website is search engine optimized and features relevant content, conversion chance increases. The visitors may also, in turn, share that content and increase the visibility of your website more. If managing multiple scenarios takes too much of your time, you can approach reliable SEO consultant that offers good insights on how social media ties into an SEO strategy and vice versa.