Technical SEO - How to Make it Work
Technical SEO - How to Make it Work

Most companies rely on SEO services in the search engine optimization Dubai sector for on-page optimization. However, on-page SEO alone won’t be able to do much. A great SEO strategy should cover both on-page and technical SEO. However, technical SEO still seems to be challenging for many companies evident from SEMRush’s recent study which found many companies encountering technical SEO issues. 

Considering its importance, it’s a good idea to perform regular technical SEO audits on your websites to ensure that search engine crawlers can crawl your pages and index them without any hiccups. 

Focusing on Technical SEO

Populating the website with good, relevant content won’t count for anything if nobody can see it. A strong SEO foundation should complement good content. 

A strong technical SEO should take 3 important elements into account:

  • Performance
  • Crawlability
  • Indexation 

For optimal performance, the site should be responsive and should load fast (preferably in under 2 seconds) and shouldn’t have unnecessary code. Implementing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) is also a good step towards website performance improvement. 

For good crawlability and indexation score, the site should make sure that Google spends the least amount of time and resources on your website. Basically, the website should incentivize the search engine. If the site provides relevant data and doesn’t require a visitor to click a lot for navigation, that’s good score right there as such a website is also easier for the search engine to crawl. 

How to Make it Work

Unlike most other integrated digital marketing solutions, technical SEO is unique due to the fact that it requires contribution not just from the search engine optimizer but also from developers and designers. 

The SEO professional should be able to communicate freely with the website developers and designers so as to understand the inner working of the website. A little bit of coding knowledge would help a lot as well. The website developer should be aware of how their code can complement the organization’s SEO efforts. They should understand how codes affect profitability. Finally, the designers are tasked with ensuring that the website provides the best UX to visitors in addition to making the website visually appealing. 

Technical SEO is not where the SEO efforts end. They are just the beginning. Proper technical SEO should make things much easier for the search engine optimizer in the long run. Not many service providers in the internet marketing UAE sector can give good insights on technical SEO. Seeking help from firms that don’t fully understand the concept can harm your website. Reputed ones can help you get started with it the right way.