Things You Should Include In Your Killer SEO Proposal
Things You Should Include In Your Killer SEO Proposal

This list lays out a short breakdown of the particulars your SEO proposal should contain. This should be considered more as a starting point rather than rules set on stone. Make sure to tailor the proposals, by adding or omitting sections, depending on the potential client.

1. Superb Introductions:

The proposal should be kicked off by giving a superb introduction to your internet marketing company in UAE. Let the client know what sets your company apart from others.

Always remember that a proposal is basically a sales pitch. This should be considered as an opportune moment to sell your agency and building trust.  The exact deliverables and quotation should be given only later into the proposal.

An introduction should include:

The company’s USP: What are your bestselling features? What sets you apart from others? Why should the client choose you over others?

Focus on your company’s experience: Keep your portfolio handy. Your portfolio should reflect the best projects that you have done, client testimonials etc.

Team Introduction: Letting the client know the team, including the social marketing team in Dubai, they are working, with would build trust in them. 

2. SEO Insights

This segment would contain the majority of your proposal, and would take up most of the time. There should be specific insights about the client’s current SEO performance. This will build a lot of initial trust with the client because 

  • You have taken the time to research about the client in detail
  • Understand areas of improvement
  • Curate the proposal according to their needs

The SEO proposal should also contain 

  • The important keyword ranking of the client
  • Site audit of the clients website

Moreover, it would be advisable to include keywords the client’s competitors are ranking for and they are not. Shed light on to the opportunities that they have missed and your company’s plan to address them.

You should also run a site audit of your client site using tools like Google lighthouse to discover opportunities for on-site upgradation.

3. Solutions and Deliverables

This section of your proposal will deal with tasks and projects that your company will be doing to achieve the proposed set of goals. Specific and quantifiable deliverables should be communicated to the client so that they can know what to expect in a month from your side.This could be the number of social media marketing posts,blogs, addition of content to the website etc. Also include the type of SEO reporting they should expect each month.

4. Timeline

SEO is time consuming process, but few admit that so be sure to include a timeline of when they can actually start seeing results. Separate each of the proposed solutions down into specific,measurable goals. Hence it will be easy for the client keep track of your progress, even if it will take a while for the metrics to improve.

5. Pricing Your Service

The investment section of the proposal should include all the intended pricing options for the SEO services in Dubai rendered.


Personalise all your SEO recommendations. It will be recommended to personalize according to client requirement eventhough a template is used.  Keep in mind you’re your potential clients will also have other agencies in mind. So it would be essential to tailor your proposals in an enticing way to stay ahead of the competition.