Top Tips to Improve your Website Conversion
Top Tips to Improve your Website Conversion

You just redid your website. You have thrown in every trick you know. You executed a kick ass SEO and social media marketing program for your Dubai audience. But your conversion rate is still very low. Are you in such a predicament? Then read on.

To give a clear definition conversion rate is the proportion of number of visitors that complete a desired goal say filling out a contact form or posting an enquiry out of the total number of visitors. A high conversion rate means your internet marketing strategy for Dubai is working. 

Reasons behind Low Website conversion

Traffic may not be converting for many different reasons. You can start evaluating and troubleshooting by asking yourself the following questions. 

#1 Is Your Content User-Oriented 

Does your content convey the idea to the user that they are at the right place or provide them with the right solution that they were looking for?

Furthermore, does your content tell the person how to engage with the page?

Do you clearly telling them to take a desire action like clicking on to the button below or submit a contact form? 

If you don’t be specific in what you want the user to do, they may not know and may not take the action you wish them to perform.

#2 Request for Action

Is There a Call to Action That Is Directly Next to the Message?

Is there a request for action to the very next of the message? If the answer is no, then this might be another issue. Many designers working in SEO companies based in Dubai wishes each user interaction to be result oriented.

Hence use button and forms directly in the view of the user and he need not have to think about what is the next course of action.      

#3 What is your Page Speed

Page speed has much to do with conversion. A slow page ruins conversions.

Remove images that are clicked on less and compress or cache all other images based on their need and purpose. Remove unnecessary plugins, fonts and other tools from your webpages. In short by giving users a better experience in your website means better conversion rates.

#4 Who Are Your Audience?

Know who your website is designed for and check if your content matches their preferences. Each age segment has different needs and wants. So always keep this in mind and ensure everything on your page is for the intended audience.  


Finding ways to increase website traffic to convert into sales is a fun but tiring project and there are many ways to do it. The above measures are only tip of the iceberg. More can be done but it is always a good place to start.