The Beginner’s Guide to Vertical Search Optimization (VSO)
The Beginner’s Guide to Vertical Search Optimization (VSO)

Many companies in the SEO services UAE sector recently started exploring the opportunities presented by a relatively new trend, or rather a tactic, called Vertical Search Optimization (VSO). The idea started gaining momentum when marketers began to realize that search has become powerful and fragmented, taking different forms. Mobile devices now account for more than 50% of total search traffic bringing more challenges and opportunities with it. 

New opportunities subsequently demanded more quantity and variety of online content, while customers enjoy a system that gives them quick results. Even the biggest search engine, Google, must constantly evolve itself to serve content to users better. Users, on the other hand, try to arrive at the right result quickly. This is where vertical search engines are making a difference. 

Vertical Search Engines

The search engine optimization UAE industry is all about competent organizations trying to get websites ranked high in Google through current best SEO practices and quality content. VSO would be particularly intriguing to content marketers rather than SEOs. 

A vertical search engine basically focuses on one specific type of content or industry. The image-based Pinterest search engine is a great example. Another popular example is Kayak, a travel metasearch engine. Even product searches in Amazon can be counted as a vertical search.

The idea is to index and serve neatly organized, category-based content to users seeking information. Users won’t have to just Google everything. Consumers can directly search on the vertical search engine of an eCommerce website for products and information. This means vertical searches have comparatively smaller indices of content than standard searches on universal search engines like Google. So the focus would be more on one area of a business thus facilitating faster and more accurate results to searchers. The prospect is beneficial to marketers who need only tailor and market content that caters to searchers of a vertical search engine, which assuredly delivers results. 

Vertical Search Optimization (VSO)

Proper vertical search optimization, just like standard SEO, requires a lot of research – that which focuses on the relevant vertical search channels and consumer behavior in those channels. Consumer expectations may vary depending on the search engine which makes it challenging to tailor the right type of content that meets expectations.

To make it a bit easier, here are a few best practices for VSO.

  • Analyze and understand audience behavior across different search engines
  • Maintain a solid brand presence across all major social media networks
  • Use structured data and Open Graph tags so it will be easier for search engines to locate your content
  • Boost site loading speed and overall user experience
  • Determine and implement ways to integrate with vertical search engines to allow it to display your website content in the results for relevant queries


Almost every expert in the Internet marketing Dubai industry would let you in on the fact that SEO is not just about ranking high on Google. With the dynamic search behaviors and new content opportunities arising, the strategies to serving the right content to the right people at the right time should also change for the better. The strategy should be effective and cohesive across every touch points businesses have with consumers. VSO can actually make a big difference for a business if it knows the target audience well enough.