What You Need to Do Right for Search Engine Optimization in Dubai
What You Need to Do Right for Search Engine Optimization in Dubai

If you have been executing search engine optimization strategies long enough and still not getting fruitful results, it’s high time you revise your strategies. SEO trends keep changing and requires you to tweak your SEO campaigns accordingly. It’s a slow process granting benefits in the long run. But Search Engine Optimization in Dubai might not be keeping up with the changing trends as we expect it to be.

Here are a few things you can practice to optimize your websites. 

Location-based keywords

This is by far the simplest thing you can do in your SEO efforts albeit being neglected most of the time by SEO experts. Here is an example for location-based keywords. Suppose if you want to optimize the SEO services that you offer to customers through your SEO Company located at Dubai. Two possible keywords here are "SEO services in Dubai" or "SEO Company in Dubai".

This makes it easier for the search engines to mark your website pages as relevant for searches related to SEO in Dubai. However, overusing this keyword may actually deter the search engines from even approving your page. 

SEO friendly URL structure for your website

This is where your SEO campaign actually begins; from the foundation of your website. A standard URL will only have a lot of numbers and other unwanted characters that won’t give an edge to your SEO team.

On the other hand, an SEO friendly URL structure can be a great asset for your digital marketing team. The URL should have core keywords. Combine this with keyword optimized webpages, and search engines will surely notice the effort. It helps with search engine rankings. 

Page loading speed

Dubai based SEO strategies usually neglect the website loading speed, instead focusing on keyword optimization and user interface. A slow loading website, even if it’s an appealing one, can annoy users. Visitors usually don’t want to spend minutes waiting for a page to load. Search engines like Google make it a policy to get users access to information as fast as possible.

Considering these facts, a slow loading webpage will do more harm than good. A quick responding website catches the attention of search engines. So have your web development team do the needful.

High quality content and appealing user interface

Duplicating contents from other websites by replacing certain words with their synonyms and rephrasing a few sentences is a practice that has been followed by SEO experts in Dubai for a long time. Most of them believe that Google’s algorithm won’t notice the difference.

However, that’s not the case. Though it takes time, search engines will eventually catch up and penalize the websites that practice this. The best way is to be customer-centric rather than business-centric. Use good quality content that are worth reading. By good quality content, it means the content should be informative, stick to the subject and linked to other good pages.

Add a great user interface to display the contents to the user, and you can rest assured that Google will reward your efforts.

Search engine optimization isn’t an easy process. You may need an in-house SEO specialist or help from an expert SEO company sticking to white hat SEO techniques. In both cases, you need to be patient for good outcomes.