3 SEO Tips for 2016 to Reach New Heights in Business
3 SEO Tips for 2016 to Reach New Heights in Business

The more visibility you have in search engines, the faster your business grows. This is still the case even after the inception of online businesses many years ago. However, the ways of reaching that far change and evolve each year. SEO in Dubai has witnessed significant changes in trends for the last two years. Now social media optimization has more significance in SEO. 

Let’s get into details.

People do more research now before hiring an SEO company for their services. They won’t rely solely on search engines and the website. A business is considered not worth checking out if they don’t even have a social media page. They might even go through your comments on posts and your replies to reader comments. There are many factors you need to take into consideration before beginning an SEO campaign.

That said, here are a few tips for 2016, that can help your business ascend to new heights.

Social Media Marketing - You may already have an idea about social media marketing. But there is one thing you should always keep in mind – Never Overdo It. Bombarding social media followers with constant updates and posts may actually annoy them to the point that they unfollow the page for good. 

Just flinging words and advertising dull content may do more harm than good. Occasionally post contents worth reading, check the feedbacks and reply, get the posts shared to reach the maximum readers. 

Higher Google rank doesn’t mean more organic clicks - SERP elements like knowledge graphs, paid ads etc. are still threats to your top ranking website, as they can attract clicks that your website is supposed to get. This depends on the kind of business you are doing. 

However, getting your website in the top ranks is the hard part. If your SEO strategy focusses on keyword optimization, make sure the keywords do not take more than 20% of the webpage content. Do not overuse keywords. 

Keyword optimization at its best - Keyword optimization is not just about using relevant keywords in webpage contents. They should be present in webpage description meta tags as well. Although many experts claim that meta tags are not very important today, that’s not the case evidently. Meta tags appear as page description under your page title on search engine result pages. 

A capable SEO company can give you a better idea on search engine optimization techniques that will be more effective in 2016.