3 SEO Tips from Expert Consultants for 2016
3 SEO Tips from Expert Consultants for 2016

Effective SEO rules keep changing significantly year after year. Still marketers know the potential of SEO and invests a lot in it. The changing rules of SEO are generally perceived differently by SEO companies. If you take the case of SEO Dubai, they are now more focused on Social Media Marketing and Keyword optimization.

However, experts claim that packing headlines with keywords to drive traffic has become outdated now. According to them, the reality is that search engines have more advanced algorithms now. Search engines now value mobile-friendliness more while the impact of paid links and anchor texts is going down.

To properly leverage the investments on content marketing and other SEO strategies, here are a few important tips from experts.

More Focus on User Experience - Google makes a lot of algorithm changes every year. And their prime focus is on user experience. When someone searches something on Google, and get the right result in the first few pages, it’s considered that they had a great experience. 

Keeping this in mind, SEO companies are advised to focus on the experience of users from the content they publish. The content can be images, videos, or any long-form content that can make the user either read or share it. The content should also be original because search engine crawlers are programmed to detect duplicate content.

Mobile-friendliness - The use of smartphones to view or search something in the internet has become prevalent now. This makes it all the more important to make sure your content can be understood by Google. A mobile app for your business is also recommended. 

Optimize your website for a mobile-friendly display and market the application with respect to search engine optimization. To put it in simple terms, search engines like Google appreciate websites that look good in a smartphone.

More size, more traffic – The size of the articles you post in websites actually matters a lot. Keep it between 1000-1500 words, and you will notice that they are performing better in search. However, when you consider a common user’s mindset, it can be argued that users generally don’t like to read long articles.

However, recent study says, if the article is interesting, users will keep on reading till the end. Longer articles are also getting ranked higher. The point to keep in mind is that the content shouldn’t just be an arrangement of many words. There should be subheadings, bullet points and unique images. Unique images is a key factor that gets long articles ranked higher. Shorter articles also do well often but longer ones are more subjected to getting shared in social media.

These are 3 basic tips that can get you get some good search engine scores in 2016 according to experts. But it’ll depend on how you or the SEO company you hire executes them. Google rewards originality.