4 Major SEO Trends to Take Note of in 2018
4 Major SEO Trends to Take Note of in 2018

Keeping track of the changing search industry trends is vital for devising SEO strategies that will deliver desirable results. There are many to look out for this year. But here are 4 of the most noteworthy ones that you should be aware of. These trends may heavily influence online marketing as we know it, and we can expect innovative integrated digital marketing solutions from experts this year. 

Digital assistants and voice search

All major SEO companies in Dubai emphasized the importance of digital assistants and voice search capabilities last year, and how they would be impacting how SEO is done in the coming years. 

Voice search technology changes the way people communicate and process information. SEO experts are now analyzing voice-based search queries as it could be how device users do searches in the future. 1 out of 5 searches today are already voice queries according to Google. 

Businesses are advised to focus more on long-tail keywords and the natural language that matches their audience’s conversational tone. As voice search expected to grow even more in the coming years, more opportunities will appear for SEO and content to connect a brand with a user in a more unique, relevant, and personal way. 

User experience

UX have always been important. But it’s only recently that businesses have started to realize how a great user experience actually benefits their SEO efforts. Google’s already advised websites to deliver a smooth UX to users, which can potentially increase engagement. It’s believed that search engines can now somehow identify websites with good UX, favoring them more in the search results. 

For starters, it’s best to review the site’s loading speed, readability, and navigation to determine how they can be improved to subsequently improve the UX. As users consume more content via mobile devices today, there’s now a need to provide great UX across all devices. 

AI and machine learning

AI and ML are redefining how search results are ranked. Machine learning is now contributing to helping users find the results they are looking for based on the context. The idea is to provide a more personalized experience. Eventually, we can expect AI and ML to even identify and reward successful White-hat SEO strategies, and penalize the bad ones. 

Though the technologies are still in their infancy, we would be witnessing some shifts in the SEO culture due to their influence. 

Rise of visual search engines

Visual search is a growing phenomenon in the search engine marketing industry, leveraging technological innovation to take user experience to an all new level. The internet is now more visually-focused than ever, and tech giants like Bing and Google have already invested in creating visual search engines to capitalize on what could be one of the most revolutionary search trends to date. 

This year, SEO strategies need to take into account how users consume visual content, or how they prefer to consume content in general. Rich visuals can keep users engaged while telling them what they need to know. It’s appealing enough to get the user to return to a website frequently. Visual search is what companies would be focusing on this year and in the coming years. It could be a critical factor to help a brand get ahead of competition. 


The SEO services Dubai sector has only recently been introduced to the prospects of AI and ML in search engine marketing. Reliable SEO companies in Dubai are already caught up with the latest trends including visual search. However, the industry still needs many refinements when it comes to recommended best practices for SEO. 

If you are seeking helpful SEO services that deliver results, you should make sure that the service provider is aware of the latest trends, and can leverage them to get you the results you desire.